This platform is based on Renesas GaN devices and targeted at universal input line voltage AC/DC battery charger designs with an output power level of up to 500W. This design comprises two power stages: the power factor correction (PFC) stage for AC to DC conversion and the LLC stage for DC to DC conversion, aiming for a peak efficiency exceeding 95%.

System Benefits:

  • The GaN FETs (650 V, 72 mΩ GaN FET) contribute to achieving exceptional system efficiency.
  • The integrated MCU enables CAN communication with the end device, facilitating information reporting such as battery health status, load connection/disconnection events, and other essential housekeeping functions.




  • Energy storage
  • LED dimmable drivers
  • Gaming devices
  • EV/HEV onboard charger (OBC) and other chargers

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Template 1 WS009 WS009 WS009 AC Power Source Sheet.4 Alternating Current EMI Filter EMI Filter EMI Filter GaN FET 1 GaN FET GaN FET Diode Sheet.9 Sheet.10 Sheet.11 Diode.12 Sheet.13 Sheet.14 Sheet.15 Diode.16 Sheet.17 Sheet.18 Sheet.19 Diode.24 Sheet.21 Sheet.22 Sheet.23 Transformer Inductor Iron Core Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.27 Sheet.28 Sheet.29 Sheet.30 Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Shunt Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Capacitor Non-polarized Sheet.41 Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Sheet.44 Diode.50 Sheet.46 Sheet.47 Sheet.48 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.50 Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Connect.50 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Sheet.69 Sheet.70 Sheet.71 Sheet.72 Sheet.73 Sheet.74 Sheet.75 Sheet.76 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 Sheet.79 Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Sheet.82 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 N-Channel MOSFET.91 Sheet.86 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.89 Sheet.90 Sheet.91 Sheet.92 Sheet.93 Sheet.94 Sheet.95 Sheet.96 Sheet.97 Sheet.98 Sheet.99 Connect.50 Sheet.101 Sheet.102 N-Channel MOSFET.110 Sheet.104 Sheet.105 Sheet.106 Sheet.107 Sheet.108 Sheet.109 Sheet.110 Sheet.111 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Sheet.114 Sheet.115 Sheet.116 Sheet.117 Connect.50 Sheet.119 Sheet.120 Sheet.121 GaN FET 2 GaN FET GaN FET GaN FET 3 GaN FET GaN FET Capacitor Non-polarized .131 Sheet.125 Sheet.126 Sheet.127 Sheet.128 Sheet.129 Sheet.130 Sheet.131 Sheet.132 Sheet.133 Sheet.134 Sheet.135 Sheet.136 Sheet.137 Transformer Line.841 Inductor Air Core.509 Sheet.141 Sheet.142 Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Line.29 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 MOSFET x2 MOSFET x2 MOSFET x2 N-Channel MOSFET.171 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Sheet.166 Sheet.167 Sheet.168 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Sheet.171 Sheet.172 Sheet.173 Sheet.174 Sheet.175 Sheet.176 Connect.50 Sheet.178 Sheet.179 Sheet.180 Capacitor Non-polarized .190 Sheet.182 Sheet.183 Sheet.184 Sheet.185 SR Controller SR Controller SR Controller N-Channel MOSFET.196 Sheet.188 Sheet.189 Sheet.190 Sheet.191 Sheet.192 Sheet.193 Sheet.194 Sheet.195 Sheet.196 Sheet.197 Sheet.198 Sheet.199 Sheet.200 Sheet.201 Connect.50 Sheet.203 Sheet.204 Sheet.205 Pulse Shunt.221 Sheet.208 Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Sheet.212 Sheet.213 Sheet.214 Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 Sheet.219 Transformer Inductor Coreless (Air conductor) Sheet.221 Sheet.222 Sheet.223 Sheet.224 Sheet.225 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.228 Sheet.229 Connector 1.167 Connector 1.246 Connector 1.247 Sheet.233 Sheet.234 Sheet.235 Sheet.236 Sheet.237 Transformer Inductor Iron Core.255 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.241 Sheet.242 Sheet.243 Sheet.244 Sheet.245 Sheet.246 Sheet.247 Sheet.248 Sheet.249 Line.29 Sheet.251 Sheet.252 Battery Double-cell 1 Sheet.254 Sheet.255 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Line 1pt.1552 Line 1pt.1608 Sheet.260 Sheet.261 Diode.279 Sheet.263 Voltage Sense Op Amp Voltage Sense Op Amp Voltage Sense Op Amp Sheet.272 Sheet.273 Sheet.274 CAN Transceiver CAN Transceiver CAN Transceiver 2-Wheeler EV 2-Wheeler EV 2-Wheeler EV Sheet.277 Sheet.278 LLC Control LLC Control LLC Control Optocoupler.280 Optocoupler Optocoupler Sheet.281 Sheet.282 Sheet.283 Sheet.284 Current Sense Op Amp 1 Current Sense Op Amp Current Sense Op Amp Sheet.286 Sheet.287 Sheet.288 Sheet.289 Sheet.290 Sheet.291 Sheet.292 PFC Controller PFC Controller PFC Controller Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Sheet.296 Input Undervoltage & Overvoltage Protection Input Undervoltage & Overvoltage Protection Input Undervoltage & Overvoltage Protection Optocoupler Optocoupler Optocoupler Sheet.299 Sheet.300 Sheet.301 Sheet.302 Sheet.303 Sheet.304 Flyback Flyback Flyback LDO LDO LDO Sheet.307 Sheet.308 Sheet.309 Sheet.310 Sheet.311 Sheet.312 PFC PFC PFC LLC Converter LLC Converter LLC Converter 85~265V/45-65Hz 85~265V/45-65Hz 85~265V/45-65Hz Vin Vin Vin Connector 1.337 Connector 1.338 Connector 1.339 Is Is Is G G G VCC1 VCC1 VCC1 PGND PGND PGND Sheet.324 Sheet.325 G G G G G G Sheet.328 VCC1 VCC1 VCC1 PGND PGND PGND CCCV Section CCCV Section CCCV Section VCC2 VCC2 VCC2 SGND SGND SGND Input Section Input Section Input Section AC Input AC Input AC Input VCC1 VCC1 VCC1 PGND PGND PGND VCC2 VCC2 VCC2 SGND SGND SGND Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor Sheet.341 Connector 1.374 Io8A Io,8A Io,8A 35-60V 35-60V 35-60V Vo Vo Vo Vo Vo Vo Rs Rs Rs SR Controller SR Controller SR Controller Sheet.349 Lr Lr Lr Lm Lm Lm Cr Cr Cr G G G Connector 1.398 G G G Vd Vd Vd Sheet.357 MCU MCU MCU VDD VDD VDD GND GND GND IRQ IRQ IRQ ADC ADC ADC CAN CAN CAN IRQ IRQ IRQ Current Sense Op Amp 2 Current Sense Op Amp Current Sense Op Amp
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