Renesas offers monitoring functions using a tiny CMIC*1 in a variety of motor control applications. CMIC GreenPAK™ is a cost-effective NVM*2 programmable device that allows automotive designers to integrate many system functions into a single AEC-Q100 qualified IC, resulting in minimizing component count and board space.

System Benefits:

  • Provides an overcurrent detection system using a shunt resistor for 12V motor systems and a current sensor for xEV motor systems.
  • Provides motor rotation position detection through a zero-cross comparator in a square-wave motor controller system.
  • Enables retrofitting the CMIC to existing designs.
  • The GreenPAK designer software/development kit enables quick modification to changing design requirements and increases productivity at the design and prototype verification stages.

*1 CMIC: Configurable Mixed-Signal IC
*2 NVM: Non-Volatile Memory



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AS-240 AS240 AS240 AS240 MCU MCU MCU Sheet.119 Motor M M Connector Arrow.176 Connector Arrow.177 Connector Arrow.178 Sheet.184 Connector Arrow.188 Connector Arrow.189 Connector Arrow.190 Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.192 Connector Arrow.193 Connector Line Connector Line.195 Connector Line.196 Connector Line.197 Connector Line.198 Connector Line.199 Connector Line.201 Connector Line.202 Connector Arrow.204 Connector Line.205 Connector Line.206 Over Current Detection Over Current Detection Over Current Detection 3x Shunts 3x Shunts 3x Shunts Motor-Rotation Position (Zero-Cross Detection) Motor-Rotation Position (Zero-Cross Detection) Motor-Rotation Position (Zero-Cross Detection) Current Sensor Current Sensor Current Sensor ?? Line.758 Line.759 MOSFET/IGBT x6 MOSFET/ IGBT x6 MOSFET/IGBT x6 Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver CMP CMP CMP Shunt Resistor Shunt Resistor Shunt Resistor Current Sensor Current Sensor Current Sensor
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