This system enables the control of multiple servos based on the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS is a set of software libraries and tools, maintained by many companies as open source, that help designers build robot applications.

Renesas' RA6M5 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) incorporates the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M33 and communication interfaces like Ethernet and USB, that can be used for Pub/Sub messaging between ROS nodes. The ISL81401 buck-boost controller and other power devices supply appropriate voltage to multiple servos and the entire system.

System Benefits​:

  • Supports eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments with an existing DDS network (XRCE-DDS) client used for ROS by the high-performance RA6M5 32-bit MCU
  • Can control multiple servos via 1-wire UART and RS-485
  • Supports Pub/Sub communication via Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi modules
  • Wide range supply voltage 4.5V to 40V



  • Service robots for logistics and warehouse
  • Defense and security
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
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Winning Combinations

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