Renesas provides an efficient power distribution network solution based on Intelligent Power Device (IPD) technologies. The intelligent protection and diagnostic functions of the IPDs raise the safety level over mechanical relays. Together with their small size and weight, IPDs are the key enabler to building advanced automotive power distribution networks with cable harness optimization and functional safety implementation. The battery power is split into multiple parallel lines providing a protected and distributed power supply into the network. This forms the basis of creating any type of hierarchical architecture, enabling further nesting to achieve the desired safety level through redundancy.

System Benefits:

  • Relay and fuse replacement by high operating current IPDs with protection features to shut down the circuit during over-temperature and overcurrent situations.
  • Optimize BOM and realize miniaturization with the RL78 MCU line-up containing small packages and low power consumption.
  • An MCU monitors the load current of IPDs through programmable control current sense terminal check and shut down in the suitable sequence once overcurrent is detected.
  • Soft start-up by cascaded switch-on of the IPDs is possible to control the timing of each peak current.
  • Achieve functional safety through parallel power lines supporting redundant networks.

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Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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