Development Environment for RX Family Software

We have adopted Firmware Integration Technology (FIT), an integrated standard for the RX family, as a means of providing software (middleware and device drivers) for devices of that family. Since FIT products are configured as modular software providing RX-common APIs, they enable enhanced portability among RX MCUs and simplify the embedding of drivers for peripheral modules.

As well as the various FIT modules themselves, we provide tool products for efficiently embedding them.

Software Package

RX Driver Package

Software interfaces for the RX family such as peripheral drivers, a TCP/IP protocol stack, and a file system are available as FIT modules. The modules are accompanied by documentation and sample code to demonstrate usage.

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Device Driver

Code Generator

[Smart Configurator]

The Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software to meet your needs. It supports the following three functions related to the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems: importing middleware of FIT modules, generating driver code, and setting pins.

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[Code Generator Plug-in]

Automatic driver generation tool for internal peripheral I/O modules of microcontrollers. You can generate drivers for peripheral I/O modules through GUI settings. *This product is included in the CS+ and e² studio integrated development environments from Renesas.

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[Peripheral Driver Generator]

A tool for automatically generating drivers for the built-in peripheral I/Os of a microcomputer (for RX210, RX220, RX610, RX62N, RX62G, RX62T, RX630, RX63N/RX631, RX63T)

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SD Card

[SD Card Driver for RX Family]

Device driver for controlling SD card using SD Host Interface (SDHI) built-in the MCU of the RX family.

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Serial Memory

[I²C Serial EEPROM Driver]

A device driver for the RX Family I²C Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX24xxx Series, R1EV24xxx Series, and HN58X24xxx Series.

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[SPI Serial EEPROM Driver]

A device driver for the RX Family SPI Bus Serial EEPROM R1EX25xxx Series and HN58X25xxx Series.

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[SPI/QSPI Serial Flash Memory, QSPI Serial Phase Change Memory Driver]

A device driver for the RX Family SPI/QSPI Bus Serial Flash Memory and QSPI Bus Serial Phase Change Memory.

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[USB Driver]

A device driver for USB transmission using the USB Interface built in RX MCU.

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File System


The RX Family Open Source FAT File System

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Protocol Stack


The ultracompact TCP/IP protocol stack for the RX Family. Designed compactly to save memory, and sample driver for LAN controller is also available. You can easily confirm the behavior of the protocol stack by using Renesas Starter Kit.

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Security / Cipher

[Crypto Library]

A crypto library for the RX Family (AES, RSA, DES, SHA). This high-level crypto library will help you develop a secure system.

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[Trusted Secure IP Driver]

The Trusted Secure IP Driver for the RX Family MCUs. Enables you to control functions, such as AES(128- or 256- bit keys), AES-GCM, AES-CMAC, random number generation, Management of AES keys, secure updating of firmware, and secure booting, in high-speed and safe.

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[JPEG Encode and Decode, All-Software JPEG Software Library]

The All-Software JPEG Software Library consists of JPEG decoder (JPEG image decode library) and JPEG encoder (JPEG image encode library).

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[DSP Library]

A software library implementing numeric operation function used in Digital Signal Processor with RX MCUs. Accelerates functions such as FFT and IIR filtering of input 32-bit integers.

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Sound / Voice


A small memory type sound playback system. Its original algorithm expands sound in ADPCM mode compactly at high speed. Can be used to add true sound output functionality to devices that previously only provided visual indications.

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[RI600V4 Real-time OS for RX Family]

A real-time operating system (Real-time OS) conforming to the μITRON4.0 Specification, the predominant Real-time OS for embedded systemSuited for an embedded system with real-time ability and multi-tasking functions.

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[RI600PX Real-time OS for RX Family]

If you use memory protection function, select RI600PDeveloped based on RI600V4 and added memory protection functioCan be used with RX MCUs which embed memory protection function (RX700, RX600 and RX200 series), and assured of high system reliability.

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Software Products from Renesas Partners

A wide variety of software products from Renesas Partners also available.

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Sample Code

Sample codes for application examples using Package software, middleware or driver, and device control examples.

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