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Renesas offers an abundant lineup of microcontrollers suitable for automotive control systems.

RL78/F15 Microcontrollers Join RL78 Family Lineup for Automotive Applications
Select the Best Microcontroller for Your System From Among 127 Products

In recent years, the trend toward mechatronics, in which electronic control and mechanical components are integrated together, is progressing and electronic control units (ECU) can now be found everywhere in automobiles, from power windows and airbags to lamps, mirrors, doors, and seats. Due to this trend, the burden on software development for ECUs has also increased. In order to improve development efficiency, it is important to be able to share software among multiple ECUs. In response, Renesas has added the RL78/F15 to the lineup of RL78 Family microcontrollers for automotive applications. With this new addition, customers can now select from the industry's richest lineup of 127 types of 16-bit microcontrollers for automotive control, and find the best microcontroller for their automotive control system.
The RL78/F15 is completely compatible with the existing RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 products. It is easy to port software, and it is also easy for developers to respond to increases in memory or pin count requirements that may occur when upgrading ECU or having to suddenly add a new program during system development. The RL78/F15 also has enhanced communication functions compared to existing products, such as two built-in channels of CAN and up to three channels of hardware LIN. This makes the RL78/F15 ideal for application in body control modules and other automotive control systems.