Materiality Assessment & Disclosure

Materiality Assessment & Disclosure

Renesas’ purpose, “To Make Our Lives Easier,” is driven by our commitment to aligning our business and sustainability goals and making positive changes for all stakeholders. To identify top strategic priorities, we conducted a materiality assessment engaging various stakeholders. We invite you to learn more about our approach, procedure, and 2022 material issues we will focus on.

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Supply Chain

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  • Responsible Minerals Procurement
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  • Product Safety Policy
  • Quality Governance System
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Renesas Green Bond

Green Bond

Renesas issued its first green bond (USD) in November 2021 in overseas markets. Proceeds from the green bond will be used solely for projects that are expected to contribute to the global environment. For details, please refer to the Green Bond Framework. Renesas has obtained a second-party opinion from Sustainalytics, a global ESG assessment entity.

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Hidetoshi Shibata

Letter to Our Stakeholders

“At Renesas, we want to build a sustainable future where technology helps make our lives easier.”

President and CEO
Hidetoshi Shibata

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For inquiries regarding Renesas’ sustainability initiatives, please use the inquiry form below to contact Sustainability Promotion Office.
For inquilies regarding TSCA/REACH/RoHS compliance information on products used by our customers, please contact our sales representatives first. That way you will get a quicker response.
For all other inquiries, please click here or please refer to this page.

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