Build Faster, Prototype Smarter

In the ever-evolving world of IoT, innovation knows no bounds. However, customizing solutions with MCUs, connectivity, and sensors can pose unforeseen challenges. Our Quick-Connect platform addresses this by offering standardized hardware and software blocks for rapid IoT prototyping. Additionally, Quick-Connect Studio enables visual construction of hardware and software, speeding up prototype validation and product development.

Rapid Prototyping

Access a fast, modular system of sensors, connectivity and MCU/MPU evaluation boards for rapid prototyping.

Hardware Compatibility

Enjoy hardware compatibility with standardized PMOD, mikroBUS™ and Arduino interfaces that eliminate compatibility issues and simplify the design process.

Reduce Code Development

Save time and effort with pre-integrated sensor libraries and automatic code generation.

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User Manual

This guide provides an overview of the Quick-Connect Platform using a specific sensor as an example.


Video Tutorial

Watch as we rapidly build an air quality sensor system with the Quick-Connect platform.