Overview of DALI Communication

In recent years, buildings have been developed and supplied with an emphasis on energy efficiency, safety, and comfort for a sustainable society, including SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). In addition to BCP (Business Continuity Plan), environmental certification and evaluation systems for buildings such as LEED, ZEB, and WELL have emerged. In order to address a variety of environmental certifications and assessments, lighting is an important part of the process, with flexible control of dimming and color to improve comfort while saving energy and reducing costs. The international standard DALI has emerged toward this end and has already become mainstream globally.

DALI Communication

*1 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): Environmental performance evaluation system for buildings and site use
*2 ZEB (Zero-Energy Building): A building that aims to achieve a comfortable indoor environment while reducing the annual primary energy consumption of the building to zero.
*3 WELL: A system to evaluate the environmental and energy performance of a building and the health and comfort of its users
*4 UL Standard: Product safety standard established by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
*5 ISO standard: International standard for a product or service that states the same level of quality should be provided all over the world.
*6 IEC standard: International standard for electrical and electronic technologies.

DALI Communication

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international communication standard for lighting specified in IEC 62386. Communication takes place between a master (control device) and slave (control gear).

DALI Standard Listing

Data transfer route basics are covered by 101, control gear by 102, control devices by 103, and so on. Control devices include routers, switches, and motion or light sensors. Control gear includes lighting fixtures. There are also upper-level standard numbers (2xx and 3xx) that cover characteristics.

DALI Standards

Features of DALI Communication

  • Lamps can be dimmed individually
    • Individual dimming and color control is possible even within the same circuit
    • Easier installation and management
  • Open protocol
    • Products from different manufacturers (lighting fixtures, sensors, switches) can be controlled by a single control system
    • One control device can set addresses for up to 64 items
    • Can be linked with building energy monitoring system (BEMS)
  • Two-way communication
    • Lamp condition monitoring
By adopting DALI, energy-saving effects in buildings can be maximized compared to conventional methods


A new DALI standard, DALI-2, is currently coming into use. DALI-2 defines new applications, adds new functions, and improves compatibility to better meet the lighting requirements of customers. Also, a device must pass an official test to receive certification of compliance with the standard. Renesas was the first semiconductor device manufacturer to join the DALI standardization organization. This enables us to deliver solutions that track the latest trends in the standard and include a tested protocol stack by official DALI tester.

DALI System Use Case - Smart Lighting

DALI enables the task/ambient lighting method. Task/ambient lighting means that different types of lighting are used for “tasks” such as desks and for “ambient” areas such as floors and corridors.

Features of task/ambient lighting:

  • Boost work efficiency by allowing adjustment of the brightness and hue to match individual preferences,
  • Boost energy efficiency by providing only the amount of night needed in each location
  • Further energy savings can be achieved by, for example, using motion sensors to detect when people are around, allowing the lights to be extinguished automatically when not needed, or using light sensors to detect light from outside, which can be taken into account when controlling brightness
Example of Task/Ambient Lighting Using DALI

This task/ambient lighting configuration allows individual control of the lighting of task areas such as desks and of ambient areas such as floors and corridors. The lighting fixtures, sensors, and switches are all connected via DALI, and alternatively a unit such as a lighting controller can be used to provide centralized management. In this way DALI can be used to link and control all essential devices, making it easy to implement task/ambient lighting.

DAL Solution


DALI-2 TOTAL Solution is useful solution to support both “Control Device” (master application like a router), and “Control Gear” (slave application like a lighting fixture). Users can save stack and application development resource from half to 1 year for by making use this solution.


DALI-2 Total Solution Features

  • Control Gear
    • Proven DALI Control Gear library (support IEC62836-102)
    • Supports particular requirements for LED lighting and production lighting 207LED and 209Tc
    • Contributes to CPU workload and code scale reduction, and total board cost reduction by DALI communication and peripheral function in RL78/I1A that can support digital power control
    • Stack tested on official DALI tester
  • Control Device: Application Controller
    • Input device (RL78/G23) supports noise-resistant touch function, enabling attractive switch design, and Snooze Mode Sequencer (SMS) function reduces CPU load/number of timers for realizing DALI function
    • FreeRTOS that can support cloud service condition and DALI Application Controller library (support IEC62386-103)
    • 3 ways to control dimmer: web (AWS), PC (GUI), switch
    • ID certification, supports OTA
    • DALI Driver that can support proprietary frame (32-bit or more) for future extended function

Release Information

Solution Table
ApplicationStandardRecommended ProductsEvaluation BoardSolution
Lighting FixtureIEC62386-102 ed.2.0 Control Gear (General Requirement)RL78/I1AEZ-0012 +
Automatic Software Generator
RL78/I1A DALI-2 Control Gear Basic (102) LED (207) Color Control (209Tc) Sample Application (ZIP | English, 日本語)
Lighting RouterIEC62386-103 ed.1.0 Control Device (General Requirement) Application ControllerRL78/G23Lighting Communication Master Evaluation BoardRL78/G23 Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)
DALI Master Control GUI
Lighting RouterIEC62386-103 ed.1.0 Control Device (General Requirement) Application ControllerRX65NRX65N Cloud kit +
DALI-2 Option board
RX65N Group APPLICATION NOTE DALI-2 lighting communication using RX65N Cloud kit (Control Device/Application Controller) (ZIP | English, 日本語)
DALI Master Control GUI
Protocol Stack Library Versions (as of 2023)
IEC 62386 StandardApplicationsDetailsRL78 *3RA *2RX
102 Ed.1.0Lighting fixtures, PWM converters, etc.Control Gear (General Requirement)check--
207 Ed.1.0LED modules (Particular Requirement)check--
102 Ed.2.0Control Gear (General Requirement)checkcheck-
207 Ed.2.0LED modules (Particular Requirement)checkcheck-
209 Ed.1.0 TcColor Control (Particular Requirement)checkcheck-
103 Ed.1.0Switches, rotors, sensors, etc.Control Device (General Requirement) Application Controller-checkcheck
Control Device (General Requirement) Input Devicecheckcheck-
301 Ed.1.0Push buttons (Particular Requirement)Under developmentcheck-

*1: Official DALI tester and test sequences are used to confirm the operation of the communication components of DALI products.
*3: Both Renesas' library and Tessera's library are available.

Communication Evaluation Environment Facilitates Development and Evaluation

The communication evaluation environment is a reference solution for developing communication-compatible dimmers (communication masters, DALI switches, sensors), etc. It can also be used to evaluate communication with lamps (DALI, DMX512, infrared communication).

 Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board (RTK7RL23LMP00000BJ)Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board (TCM-RL78/I1A)RL78/I1A DALI-2 Solution Board*RX65N Cloud Kit + DALI-2 Option Board
Use caseLighting switch and master evaluation developmentMaster function evaluation developmentBasic evaluation of DALI stackCloud connectivity application controller development
MCURL78/G23RL78/I1ARL78/I1ARX65N + RL78/I1A
Power supply voltageDC5VDC5VDC5VDC5V
FeatureDALI input device with capacitive touch sensorDALI input deviceBasic evaluation of DALICloud connectivity
Dimmer interfaceDALI-2/DMX512/IR/SwitchDALI/DMX512/IRDALI-2DALI-2/Switch
Automatic Software Generation ToolSupportedSupported--
Unit size (W × D × H)120 x 120 mm120 x 120 mm50 x 86 mm160 x 240 x 42.5 mm
*including option board size

*For details, contact a sales representative.

DALI, DMX512 Master Control GUI for Communication Evaluation

GUIs for DALI and DMX512 are available as communication evaluation masters. By combining with TCM-RL78I1A (manufactured by Tessera Technology), it can operate as a master. It can be used to evaluate lighting control by communication. The GUI can be downloaded free of charge from our website.





Software & Tool Pages

Software title
Software type
DALI Master Controller GUI
The DALI Master Controller GUI controls an RL78/I1A lighting communication master evaluation board
Code Generator Renesas
DMX512 Master Controller GUI
The DMX512 Master Controller GUI controls an RL78/I1A lighting communication master evaluation board.
Code Generator Renesas
Applilet EZ for HCD
Tool that automatically generates LED-lighting sampling software, and writes it to a microcontroller
Code Generator Renesas
3 items

Software Downloads

Type Title Date
Sample Code
Log in to Download ZIP 7.21 MB 日本語
Application: Industrial
Compiler: CC-RL Function: Application Example, Communication Interface, Driver or Library, Other peripherals IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
Log in to Download ZIP 14.00 MB 日本語
Application: Industrial
Compiler: ICCRL78 Function: Application Example, Communication Interface, Driver or Library, Other peripherals IDE: e2 studio, IAR-EWRL78
Sample Code
Log in to Download ZIP 10.85 MB 日本語
Application: Industrial
Compiler: CC-RL, ICCRL78 Function: Application-Example, Communication-Interface, Driver-or-Library, Other-peripherals IDE: e2 studio, IAR-EWRL78
3 items


Smart Lighting Solution for Building Automation

This video introduces smart lighting solution for building automation. In this video, you will learn the trends in the lighting market, the demand for lighting design, and the values that Renesas lighting solution offers.

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