This barcode scanner system can read 1D and 2D barcodes via an integrated image-based scanner with optional object detection using a fast image processor based on a dual Arm® Cortex®-A55 core. The barcode information can be shared through RS-232, USB or wireless communication.

The system can be based on a variety of processors from the RZ microprocessor family depending on the end application.

System Benefits​:

  • Image-based scanner capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes with optional object detection using dual-core Cortex-A55 with optional built-in AI accelerator (DRP-AI)
  • Capability to scan code under different ambient light conditions, using illumination flash LEDs
    • IR LED to avoid flashing on the eyes while illuminating images
    • Red LED instead of a laser for aiming and safer operation
  • Saves power by relying on a proximity sensor to wake up the system from standby mode when any object is nearby
  • Integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) for sharing information efficiently




  • Handheld 2D barcode scanners
  • Fixed barcode scanners

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 US108 US108 US108 USB Type A USB Type A USB Type A RJ50 RJ50 RJ50 Buck Buck Buck Buck x2 Buck x2 Buck x2 Scan/Sleep Button Scan/Sleep Button Scan/Sleep Button Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy USB Switch USB Switch USB Switch RS-232 Transceiver RS-232 Transceiver RS-232 Transceiver DDR4 DDR4 DDR4 QSPI QSPI QSPI eMMC eMMC eMMC SD Card SD Card SD Card Proximity Sensor Proximity Sensor Proximity Sensor Indicate LED Indicate LED Indicate LED Buzzer Buzzer Buzzer Op Amp 1 Op Amp Op Amp Flashlight x2 Flashlight x2 Flashlight x2 Op Amp 2 Op Amp Op Amp Aiming LED Aiming LED Aiming LED Image Sensor Image Sensor Image Sensor Sheet.45 Sheet.46 Sheet.47 Sheet.49 Sheet.50 Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Sheet.70 Sheet.71 Sheet.72 Sheet.73 Sheet.74 Sheet.75 Sheet.76 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 Sheet.79 Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Sheet.82 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 Sheet.86 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.89 Sheet.90 Sheet.91 Sheet.92 Sheet.93 Sheet.94 Sheet.95 Sheet.96 Sheet.97 Sheet.98 Sheet.99 Sheet.100 Sheet.101 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Connector 1.155 Connector 1.155.118 Vin, 5V Vin, 5V Vin, 5V D3.3V D3.3V D3.3V D1.8V D1.8V D1.8V Sheet.122 Sheet.123 Sheet.124 SDIO 1.8/3.3V SDIO 1.8/ 3.3V SDIO 1.8/3.3V VPP 2.5V VPP 2.5V VPP 2.5V Connector 1.155.129 Connector 1.155.130 Connector 1.155.136 20mA (max) 20mA (max) 20mA (max) 439mA (max) 439mA (max) 439mA (max) VDDQ 1.2V VDDQ 1.2V VDDQ 1.2V VDD 1.1V VDD 1.1V VDD 1.1V D3.3V 3.3V D3.3V 3.3V D3.3V 3.3V D1.8V 1.8V D1.8V 1.8V D1.8V 1.8V 12V 12V 12V 197mA (MAX) 197mA (MAX) 197mA (MAX) 241mA (MAX) 241mA (MAX) 241mA (MAX) 3A (MAX) 3A (MAX) 3A (MAX) 474mA (MAX) 474mA (MAX) 474mA (MAX) 386mA (MAX) 386mA (MAX) 386mA (MAX) 100mA (max) 100mA (max) 100mA (max) D3.3V D3.3V D3.3V D3.3V 750uA D3.3V 750uA D3.3V 750uA 5V 30mA 5V 30mA 5V 30mA D3.3V 100mA D3.3V 100mA D3.3V 100mA D3.3V 50mA D3.3V 50mA D3.3V 50mA D3.3V 0.1A D3.3V 0.1A D3.3V 0.1A D1.8V 0.05A D1.8V 0.05A D1.8V 0.05A Sheet.158 System Control System Control System Control USB USB USB SPI SPI SPI SDHI SDHI SDHI I2C I2C I2C GPIO GPIO GPIO USB USB USB UART UART UART UART UART UART I2C I2C I2C GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO CSI CSI CSI Sheet.159 PMIC PMIC PMIC I2C I2C I2C 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A 3.5A 3.5A 3.5A 4A 4A 4A 1A 1A 1A 0.05A 0.05A 0.05A 0.3A 0.3A 0.3A RTC RTC RTC
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