This Renesas sensor solution is used for many car applications which monitor pressure (HVAC, oil) and position sensing (liquid levels), etc. The solution provides a flexible and high-accuracy sensor system with sensor signal conditioners (SSC), DC/DC, MCU, and LIN IF.

System Benefits:

  • Easier integration of SSC in the car network with CAN and LIN interfaces
  • MCU extends SSC functionality and off-loads processing from the main ECU
  • Reduces the customer's R&D costs with Renesas' software support
  • Flexible communications interface to the vehicle network




  • Pressure monitor (HVAC, oil)
  • Position sensing (liquid levels)

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AS-233 AS233 AS233 AS233 MCU MCU MCU DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC SSC SSC SSC Sensor Sensor Sensor CAN CAN CAN LIN LIN LIN I/O I/O I/O Sheet.125 12V Battery 12 V Battery 12 V Battery 12 V Battery 12 V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.135 Connector Arrow.139 Connector Arrow.141 Connector Line Connector Arrow.153 Sheet.154 Right arrow 1pt.1045 2 2 2 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Right arrow 1pt.1045 4 4 4 Sheet.161 Connector double arrow Connector 1 SENT I2C SENT I2C SENT I2C Vehicle Network Vehicle Network VehicleNetwork
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Sensor Signal Conditioning for Automotive

Renesas’ sensor signal conditioners (SSCs) are cost efficient and flexible solutions for automotive designs.

Video Transcript

My name is Maria Agalidis and I'm from Renesas Electronics. Today we’re going to talk about sensor signal conditioning.

The main challenge in the automotive world for sensors is to capture an analog signal and to convert it reliably into digital information for a microcontroller in the car.

Our SSCs (Sensor Signal Conditioning Devices) today are capturing pressure and temperature and convert it into precise information in the car. Despite the challenging environment like EMI, voltage drop, noise, our products are able to deliver accurately data.

Our demo is a clear example of sensor signal conditioning operating in a harsh environment like exhaust gas system. In this demo we can see two high temp probes and two pressure sensors that are controlling and monitoring the particle filter. The sensors are measuring the efficiency of the exhaust system and they are also sending diagnostics to the control unit. The ICs are dual channel solution and can serve two sensing probes.

This makes it a very cost efficient and flexible solution. That's why today all Tier1s are using SSC in different sections of the car.