The communication evaluation environment is a reference solution for developing communication-compatible dimmers (communication masters, DALI switches, sensors), etc. It can also be used to evaluate communication with lamps (DALI, DMX512, infrared communication).

  Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board (TCM-RL78/I1A) Synergy S128 DALI-2 Solution Board * RL78/I1A DALI-2 Solution Board * RX65N Cloud kit + DALI-2 Option Board
Power supply voltage DC5V 8 to 24V 8 to 24V 5V
LED control method - PWM chopper - -
Output (max.) - 2A at 20V - -
Dimmer interface DALI/DMX512/IR DALI 0-10V, DALI DALI
Automatic Software Generation Tool Supported - - -
Unit size (W × D × H) 120mm x 120mm 55 x 86mm 50 x 86mm 160 x 240 x 42.5mm
*included option board size

*: Contact our sales department for board details

DALI, DMX512 Master Control GUI for Communication Evaluation

GUIs for DALI and DMX512 are available as communication evaluation masters. By combining with TCM-RL78I1A (manufactured by Tessera Technology), it can operate as a master. It can be used to evaluate lighting control by communication. The GUI can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Master Controller GUI
Communication Evaluation System

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