Key Environmental Priorities and Goals

Renesas has set medium- to long-term goals for three major environmental protection items: Climate Change Initiatives, Water Resource Conservation, and Waste Initiatives. We strive to systematically implement our environmental conservation efforts globally. (2021 was set as the base year for our targets regarding reducing GHG emissions and improving the basic unit of total water consumption.)

GHG emission reduction target: Achieve 38% reduction with 2021 as the base year by 2030, and carbon neutrality (Scope1 and Scope2) by 2050
Total water usage target: Improve the total amount of water used per revenue by 33% by 2030, with 2021 as the base year
Water recycling rate: Increase the water recycling rate at global production bases to 35% by 2030
Waste recycling: Ratio with the recycling amount as the numerator and the total waste emissions as the denominator

2023 Major Environmental Priorities and Results

With regard to GHG emissions in fiscal 2023, In addition to the decline in demand due to the softening of the semiconductor market, we promoted the reduction of greenhouse gases by promoting energy-saving measures and increase purchasing renewable energy. As a result, GHG emissions decreased by approximately 18% compared to the base year of 2021. As for the conservation of water resources, the total amount of water used per unit of sales decreased by 36% from the base year of 2021. In addition, the two manufacturing bases in China (Beijing and Suzhou), which have been designated as water risk areas, also achieved their annual targets for water withdrawal per unit of sales. The waste recycling rate for the entire Renesas Group was 90%. Continuing from the year before last, we achieved our target of 90%. In addition, there were no violations of environmental laws and ordinances for the second year in a row.

GHG emissions: Ratio of increase/decrease in comparison to 2021 (Scope1 and Scope2)
Energy usage: Ratio of increase/decrease in comparison to 2021; Total energy used by Renesas Group (electricity, light oil, steam, etc.)
Total Amount of Water Usage by Revenue: Ratio of increase/decrease in comparison to 2021