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New Products

  • RISC-V MCU with Renesas Core Strengthens Global Ecosystem
    RISC-V 32 & 64-Bit MCUs and MPUs

    The industry’s first general purpose 32-bit RISC-V-based MCUs built with an internally developed CPU core let embedded system designers develop a range of power-conscious, cost-sensitive applications based on the open-source ISA and a full-scale development environment from Renesas and ecosystem partners.

  • Scalable AI / ML Solution Kits Accelerate Edge Application Design
    RA Arm® Cortex®-M MCUs

    Complete reference solutions based on RA MCUs designed for easy integration of AI/ML technology feature Renesas and partner software for Real-time Analytics, Audio, and Vision applications.

  • High Performance, Low Iq Bucks for LDO Replacement
    Buck Regulators (Integrated FETs)

    The RAA21140x and RAA21180x family of bucks are simple-to-use and cost-effective while offering more than 15x less power loss of similar output rating LDOs (depending on operating conditions) with ultra-low 4µA Iq at zero loading condition, making it idea.

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