New Products

Powerful 1GHz RTOS-based MPUs Enable High-Definition HMI and Quick Startup
RZ 32 & 64-bit MPUs

Choose the memory interface (DDR3L/DDR4 or Octal-SPI) and operating system (FreeRTOS or Azure RTOS) that best suit your development in industrial equipment and home appliances.

High Performance and Excellent Noise Tolerance MCUs for 5V Power Supply
RX 32-Bit Performance / Efficiency MCUs

5V powered RX660 MCU delivers superior noise tolerance, and lowers system cost by reducing the number of noise suppression products needed.

Rad-Hard Precision ADC
Integrated 8-channel MUX plus PGA

Ideal for telemetry and sensing applications delivering highest performance, reduced system complexity and smaller PCB area.

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