New Products

  • Integrate AFE on a Single MCU Chip - Ideal for Sensing Applications
    RX 32-Bit Performance / Efficiency MCUs

    Reduce system size and component count of high-speed and high-precision sensor system with RX23E-B MCU embedded with a maximum speed of 125kSPS ΔΣA/D converter and enhanced analog front end (AFE) performance.

  • Secure Cloud Connectivity Solutions
    Smart Home

    RA and RX cloud kits provide complete end-to-end cloud connectivity with Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet options to simplify the process of IoT cloud connectivity and AI / ML solution prototyping.

  • Achieve Fast System Processing with the Highest Performance MCU of RL78 Family
    RL78 Low Power 8 & 16-bit MCUs

    Built with a 48MHz CPU, a dedicated independent co-processor – flexible application accelerator – operating arithmetic processing, and enhanced peripheral functions, the RL78/G24 is ideal for motor control, power supply control, and lighting control applications.

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