Renesas is a member of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). We have offered MCU products, evaluation boards, and protocol stacks supporting the DALI interface for over a decade, and a large number of customers in many countries have adopted these products. DALI protocol stack components from Renesas have been tested Official DALI tester *1, who must all be members of the DiiA, so customers can use them with confidence. A number of library versions have also been developed by partner vendors working closely with Renesas. Moving forward, Renesas is committed to fostering the widespread adoption of DALI by supporting the development work of customers in collaboration with our partner vendors.



DALI-2 TOTAL Solution is useful solution to support both “Control Device” (master application like a router), and “Control Gear” (slave application like a lighting fixture). Users can save stack and application development resource from half to 1 year for by making use this solution.

DALI-2 Total Solution

Control Device: Application Controller

  • FreeRTOS that can support cloud service condition and DALI Application Controller library ( support IEC62386-103 )
  • Able to control dimmer by 3 type, Web(AWS), PC(GUI), Switch (Local)
  • ID certification, support to OTA
  • DALI Driver that can support proprietary frame for future extended function

Control Gear

  • Proven DALI Control Gear library (support IEC62836-102 )
  • Contribute CPU workload and code scale reduction, and total board cost reduction by DALI communication and peripheral function in RL78/I1A that can support digital power control.
  • Easy evaluation by auto-generation tool

Release Information

Release Information

Solution Table

Application Standard Recommended Products Evaluation board Solution
Lighting Fixture IEC62386-102 ed.2.0 Control Gear (General Requirement) RL78/I1A EZ-0012 +
Automatic Software Generator
RL78/I1A DALI-2 Communication driver Application Notes Rev.1.02 - Sample Code (ZIP | English, 日本語)
Lighting Router IEC62386-103 ed.1.0
Control Device (General Requirement) Application Controller
RX65N RX65N Cloud kit +
DALI-2 Option board
RX65N Group APPLICATION NOTE DALI-2 lighting communication using RX65N Cloud kit (Control Device/Application Controller) Rev.1.00 - Sample Code (ZIP | English, 日本語)
DALI Master Control GUI

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Protocol Stack Library Versions

(as of June 2020)

IEC 62386 Standard Applications Details RL78 *3 Synergy *2 RX
102 Ed.1.0 Lighting fixtures, PWM converters, etc. Control Gear (General Requirement) check - -
207 Ed.1.0 LED modules (Particular Requirement) check - -
102 Ed.2.0 Control Gear (General Requirement) check check -
207 Ed.2.0 LED modules (Particular Requirement) check check -
103 Ed.1.0 Switches, rotors, sensors, etc. Control Device (General Requirement)
Application Controller
- check check
Control Device (General Requirement) Input Device Under development *4 check -
301 Ed.1.0 Push buttons (Particular Requirement) Under development check -

*1: Official DALI tester and test sequences are used to confirm the operation of the communication components of DALI products.
*3: There are both Renesas's lib and Tessera's lib. (if you'd like to check Tessera's lib, please go to this link. )
*4: A simplified version has been released by Renesas. A version for input devices is under development.

Target Devices