The Renesas Ready Partner Network is an extensive and curated network of trusted technology partners that deliver commercial-grade building blocks that work out-of-box with Renesas Products. These building block solutions are designed to help accelerate the development of IoT capabilities around core technologies such as security, safety, artificial intelligence/ machine learning, connectivity, cloud, sensing & control, human machine interface among others.

Renesas also offers a complementary hardware-centric partner program the Renesas Preferred Partner Program which brings together a community of System & Solutions partners who specialize in working with Renesas products in a variety of domains.

Renesas Ready Partner Network
Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem Infographic


Renesas Ready Partner Network Overview

An overview of the Renesas Ready Partner Network offering a robust software ecosystem of building-blocks that address real-world design challenges to help get your applications IoT-ready in no time. This extensive, carefully curated network of trusted technology partners delivers commercial-grade building blocks that work out-of-the-box with Renesas RA, RX and RL78 MCUs. Visit for more information.