image: Hidetoshi Shibata

I am delighted to be announcing Renesas’ first Sustainability website, highlighting the depth of our group-wide commitment to sustainable development. At Renesas, we want to build a sustainable future where technology helps make our lives easier.

Over the last few years, we have been transforming ourselves, including two major acquisitions. We have expanded our technologies with a comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers, analog and power devices. Our mission is to develop a safer, healthier, greener, and smarter world by providing intelligence to our four focus growth segments: Automotive, Industrial, Infrastructure, and IoT that are all vital to our daily lives, meaning our products and solutions are embedded everywhere.

Our Products and Solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Renesas’ products and solutions are contributing to the long-term sustainable society. Our unwavering commitment to meet customer demand, investment in research and development, and providing the highest standard of quality and low-power sustainable products enable us to serve customers worldwide.

We create value by providing innovative and differentiated energy-efficient products that help our customers build systems with very high power efficiency. This means reducing the carbon and environmental footprint of our business, while striving to deliver solutions that can make a positive impact on the world and communities around us.

One innovative strength is also represented by our relentless drive to make our future society safer and more secure through our sustainable products and solutions. We directly address the system-level safety and security concerns for our customers. This  provides them with greater peace of mind for a wide range of applications, from connected and automated vehicles, factories and robotics to smart home devices.

The year 2020 has been a time of extraordinary changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working tirelessly to ensure that our operations are resilient, so we can continue to deliver products that are essential for saving lives or enabling remote communications and activities. This includes an open-source reference design that customers can use to quickly design ready-to-assemble boards. These boards are being used for medical ventilators, as well as a contactless thermometer solution that provides a safe approach to measuring body temperature at airports, hospitals and other locations without making skin contact. At the same time, we support our customers in making the sustainable, new normal possible. How this will all unfold in the short term is still uncertain, but at Renesas, we will continue to focus on making lives easier across all our local communities.

Our People

Our people are our greatest assets. Following the smooth integrations of Intersil and IDT, we now stand at approximately 19,000 employees around the globe and in more than 30 countries – together, we bond as one global team. We firmly believe that growing our people will ultimately grow our business. We cannot achieve our ambitious goals without the talent and dedication of our people.

With this in mind, I introduced the concept of the Renesas Culture, a guideline of conduct for all Renesas Group employees that consist of five key elements: “Transparent, Agile, Global, Innovative and Entrepreneurial.” These five elements underpin everything we do at Renesas, from helping empower our customers to reduce global energy use, to driving prosperity all around the world.

In 2020, we offered a voluntary one-yen stock option program to all our employees as part of a mid- to long-term incentive program. This was in response to our employees’ desire to contribute to Renesas’ business stability amidst the uncertain time of the COVID-19. More than 10% of our employees participated in this program, which shows both their steadfast dedication and “Entrepreneurial” mindset.

We cannot maximize these talents without a workplace that is safe and inclusive for everyone. We strive to offer exciting career opportunities and a motivating and flexible work experience in a diverse and values-based environment.

We are also recognized as a labor and human rights leader in our industry. We aim to drive diversity and inclusion throughout our entire organization and increase diversity of leadership positions. We will also continue to hire young talent in science and engineering to build a sustainable future.

Our Innovative Technology

We aspire to be the world leading semiconductor company and believe innovation is the driving force behind Renesas’ continuous growth. Together with artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and big data, 5G is ushering in the era of making everything smart, where devices are getting smarter, everything is connected, and everything must be secure.

Renesas is poised to address the requirements of every industry with our four pillars of core technologies AI, Security & Safety, Digital & Analog & Power Solution and Cloud Native as the key to encouraging more innovation that is finely-tuned to achieve future sustainable growth. Our AI technology empowers a broad set of power and energy-efficient embedded processors that we serve to our customers. To address the ever-increasing demand for more robust systems, Renesas provides comprehensive technology and support that meet the industry’s stringent standards for Safety & Security. Following the integration of Intersil and IDT, we now have almost 200  Winning Combinations, that combine our complementary product portfolios of Digital & Analog & Power Solution. These product combinations are already helping our customers accelerate their designs and get to market faster. Leveraging our Cloud-native technology, we are also working with partners in different verticals and organizations to drive cross-platforms innovation.

Every day we are faced with volatile changes to our business environments and rapidly diversifying customer needs. We will carry on investing in technology research and development to provide innovative technologies and solutions that ultimately make the world more sustainable.

In Closing

We expect each line of business to grow its revenue and profit by continuing to make investments in people and technology to sustain innovation. These investments will drive the company’s future prospects and lay the foundations for prosperous, long-term growth. We wish to be transparent about our contribution to a more environmentally-balanced and sustainable society.

Thank you for visiting our Sustainability site. You will learn more about our ESG initiatives in the annual Sustainability Report we will be issuing from 2021 onwards. We look forward to regularly reporting further progress with comprehensive information about our company and how we seek to make our lives easier.

Renesas Electronics Corporation
President and CEO
Hidetoshi Shibata

image: autograph by Hidetoshi Shibata