An infusion pump is an instrument that can accurately control the number of infusion drops or infusion flow rate to ensure that a drug can be evenly distributed, and the amount of the drug can accurately and safely enter a patient's body. This solution is an intelligent infusion device. High stability and high accuracy guarantee medical safety. Long battery operating time ensures continuous infusion.

System Benefits​:

  • High-performance 100MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 core MCU with rich connectivity that is suitable for IoT applications.
  • Ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoC for wireless communication.
  • High voltage GreenPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix supports the stepper motor with full-stepping, half-stepping and microstepping.
  • High-resolution position sensor IC and high-performance op amp ensures the accuracy of the system.



  • Infusion pump, syringe pump
  • Small-angle sensors or arc-motion sensors