Electric mobility solutions are a huge focus across multiple types of applications. E-bikes, e-scooters, forklifts and hybrid electric vehicles are just a few of the applications that require a variety of solutions. In this winning combination solution, Renesas provides engineers with a design that can be configured to target specific attributes, such as low voltage and cost, functionality and efficiency, or high power and torque. This design provides the building blocks for a variety of motor solutions.  

System Benefits:

  • Complete reference design that focuses three types of solutions: low voltage and cost, functionality and efficiency, or high power and torque 
  • Fits a variety of electric motor drive solutions and voltage ranges 

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48V Mobility Solution

High-voltage power train system with modularly integrated wired/wireless charging (ISL81801 and P9415), battery management system (ISL94216), and optional Bluetooth® wireless connectivity (RX23W).

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