[Released on the Web] Solution Toolkit QE for Lighting V1.0.0:Development Assistance Tool for Lighting System (PDF | English, 日本語)
・Eases the development of software for use with control gear that is compliant with the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol
・Supports RL78 Family RL78/G24 group

QE for Lighting is a development assistance tool for lighting systems.


  • DALI-2 Control Gear support, and GUI configuration of lighting control (DALI) parameters
  • Automatic generation of software for lighting control (DALI)
  • Guidance display to help develop lighting systems
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Release Information

Product NameLatest Ver.ReleasedTaget Device (Note1)DetailsDownloadOperating Environment
QE for LightingV1.0.0Jul 1, 2024RL78 FamilySee Release NoteDownloadOperating Environment


  1. For detailed support devices, refer to Target Devices

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Getting Started with QE For Lighting

This video introduces how to use the QE for Lighting tool in developing lighting solutions.

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Additional Details


Quickly develop software for use with DALI control gear

QE for Lighting is easy for a beginner to use. Just follow the workflow to create a sample project, make DALI settings, and generate source code, all through a simple GUI. After having compiled the source code, write your program to the evaluation board.


Use the simple GUI to configure parameters for DALI-based lighting control

You can select the individual parameters and enter their values. 
If a value is incorrect, QE for Lighting will show an error message.


QE for Lighting supports the following items.
・DALI control gear libraries (compliant with IEC 62386-102)
・Particular requirements of IEC 62386-207 edition 1.0 (LED modules) for LED lighting
・Particular requirements of IEC 62386-209 edition 1.0 (color control) for production lighting
・Multiple types of LED dimming control (by the CPU or FAA)
・Combining different protocols for generating various sample applications
   IEC 62386-102 + IEC 62386-207
   IEC 62386-102 + IEC 62386-207 + IEC 62386-209


Simply click on GUI buttons for generating source code and writing to the evaluation board

・Click on GUI buttons to generate source code and compile it.
 QE for Lighting supports the following compilers:
 Renesas CC-RL
・Click on a GUI button to make the Renesas Flash Programmer write the program to the evaluation board.
   Connect your evaluation board to the PC according to the instructions provided by QE for Lighting. You will immediately be able to run your program on the evaluation board.