The PTX100R NFC reader serves IoT and Point-of-Sale (PoS) applications, implementing a unique sine wave hardware transceiver architecture and offering a winning combination of superior transmit power and sensitivity, accurate wave shaping, and a reduced bill-of-materials compared to conventional square-wave NFC controllers – products which have changed little over the past decade.

The PTX100R marks a breakthrough in NFC system performance, power and integration simplicity.

This NFC reader IC is fully compliant with the specifications of the latest EMVCo 3.0/3.1 standard for contactless payments. It is supplied with an application-ready EMVCo 3.0/3.1 L1 interface and includes a set of facilities that makes the integration of a third-party EMV L2 stack fast and easy. It also provides rich debugging capabilities allowing for rapid prototyping.

Benefit from our patented Direct Antenna Connection (DiRAC™) technology which enables the NFC to drive output power of up to 2W directly to the antenna while achieving a sensitivity of -80dB.


  • High output power up to 2W @5.5V
  • Very high Receiver sensitivity (-80dBc)
  • DiRAC: Direct antenna connection for Tx and Rx
  • Sine Wave output Accurate Digital Wave Shaping
  • Removal of second resonating structure introduced by EMI
  • Xtal-less design using reference clock




  • EMVCo 3.0/3.1 Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems
  • High-end IoT applications


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