QE for Camera: A Dedicated Tool for Camera Applications


This development assistance tool supports the development of embedded systems which use the camera functions of display controllers from Renesas. It supports MCUs of the RZ families.


QE for Camera[RZ]

We have started to supply a demonstration version of a new tool, 'QE for Camera[RZ]', which supports RZ/A2M devices. The new tool supports the MIPI standard.

To obtain the tool or get more detailed information, please inquire through the following link (the official version is to be released in Feb. 2019).

Inquiries Regarding the Demo Version ( Including Technical Support) >>

Release Information

Package Component
QE for Camera
Latest Ver.: V1.0.0
Released: Jun 20, 2018
For RZ Family QE for Camera[RZ]
Latest Ver.: V1.0.0
Released: Jun 20, 2018
Operating Environment (e² studio V5.0.0 or later)
* QE for Display[RZ] is also installed with this product. (Previous product name: QE for Video Display Controller 5)

 Download Note: For the demo version that supports RZ/A2M devices, see Topics.


QE for Camera is an assistance tool for applications which operate under the e² studio integrated development environment.

In development of embedded systems using Video Display Controller 5 (hereafter VDC5) installed in the MCUs of the RZ/A series, this product facilitates easy initial adjustment of the camera connection and camera module settings, thus, reducing development time.

HMI application development is strongly supported by linkage with the RZ/A Software Development Kit (SDK for Camera) sold separately.


Easy to Settings for Input Signal Timing from Camera

You can easily adjust the timing settings of the camera while testing by the GUI. The setting values are created as a header file and it can be incorporated into the project as is. If a setting is not set to a correct value needed for MCU spec, it is marked error and the user can find problems simply.

The Operation of the Camera Module Can be Easily Changed

Operation settings such as the image format and capture size of the camera module to be connected can be specified by sending a parameter file (csv file) from QE for Camera.

Support to Debug the Image Captured by the Camera

Even for a system that has no display device such as a surveillance camera, you can check images in the buffer of VDC5 by linking the in-memory image display function of e² studio.

You Can Check the Settings on the Real Camera & Display

Writes the settings to registers by 1 button, and you can check the view in the actual camera and LCD panel. This tool has the mode that the changes will be automatically written to registers every time a setting is changed.

Generates a Header File Which Reflects the Settings for a Project

When you finished the settings, generates a header file which reflects the settings and into the project directly. QE for VDC5 can operate in conjunction with the Supporting Sample Program.

Supporting Sample Programs

Target Devices

Product Name Family Series Group
QE for Camera[RZ] RZ RZ/A RZ/A1H, RZ/A1L, RZ/A1LC, RZ/A1LU, RZ/A1M

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