The PG-FP6 installed in a system is a tool for erasing, programming, and verifying programs on Renesas MCUs with on-chip flash memory.


The "FP6 Terminal" programming GUI has been revised to V1.02.01. This version supports the RX66T featuring new RXv3 CPU core for the RX family. Learn More (Tool News) >>


Release Information

Programming GUI (FP6 Terminal)

  • Latest Ver.: V1.02.01
  • Released: Nov 27, 2018

Note: The FP6 Terminal includes parameter files, firmware, and USB drivers.


Release information (See Tool News)

Operating Environment



  • ・Control panel suitable for stand-alone operation (Learn More >>)
  • ・Simple and user-friendly GUI, FP6 Terminal (Learn More >>)
  • ・Useful functions for production line: programming using by buttons and automatic programming
  • ・High-speed downloading of files for programming from a PC to the PG-FP6 (Learn More >>)
  • ・High-speed programming of MCUs by the PG-FP6 for reduced production times (Learn More >>)
  • ・Code storage capacity with 256MB for large flash memory
  • ・Security slot for theft prevention
  • ・High compatibility with the predecessor (Learn More >>)


Control panel suitable for stand-alone operation

User-friendly GUI (FP6 Terminal)

Major Functions

  • ・Stand-alone programming
  • ・PC-controlled programming using dedicated GUI (FP6 Terminal)
  • ・Up to 8 savable programming environments
  • ・Optimized for production line programming (command control or remote control)
  • ・Programming a unique code to a designated area of flash memory
  • ・Function to control PG-FP6 main unit (prohibiting uploading and setup)
  • ・Simultaneous selection of multiple program files


High Compatibility with the Predecessor

Designed with compatibility with the predecessor PG-FP5 in mind for smooth migration.

  • ・Setup files created with the PG-FP5 can be imported
  • ・Support of PG-FP5-enabled MCUs
    (For the V850 and 78K family, only MCUs with single-power-supply flash memory is supported.)
  • ・The same specifications of control buttons, message display, and status LEDs
  • ・The same specification of connector layout
  • ・Connectable to boards designed by using the PG-FP5
  • ・Pursuing programming GUI compatibility

*Function and performance comparisons with the PG-FP5 (Learn More >>)



External dimensions 140 × 90 × 30 mm (protruding parts excluded)
Weight Approximately 245 g
Host interface USB2.0(USB1.1),Serial interface
External control interface Provided
Terminal control Provided (command released)
Self-testing function Provided
Target interface CSI, CSI-H/S, UART, FINE
VDD supply from the programmer Provided
ROM code Max. 256 MB (divided by 8)
MCU-specific information Parameter file for the PG-FP6(Included in FP6 Terminal) Note1
Multiple files (max. 8) can be read.
MCU security settings Provided
Main unit security settings Provided
Simple mode Provided
Bank mode Provided
Single write operation
by a programmer
The NEXT, ENTER, or CANCEL buttons are used.
The START button is used for write operation.
Target cable 14-pin cable
Power Power supply adapter for the PG-FP6 (accessory)
or USB power supply Note2
Programming GUI Programming GUI for the PG-FP6: FP6 Terminal Note1


  1. 1. The FP6 Terminal for the PG-FP6 includes parameter files and firmware, which are provided separately for the PG-FP5, and USB drivers.
  2. 2. This function facilitates use of USB power in places where power outlets are not available when reprogramming the field. When connecting the product directly to the USB port of a PC, use the power supply adapter that comes with the product.



  • PG-FP6
  • GND cable
  • USB cable
  • Target cable (14-pin)
  • Power supply adapter
    The regulations with which the PG-FP6 conforms and plug shape vary depending on regions where the order is made.  See Power supply adapter. >>

Note: Programming GUI, FP6 Terminal, is available for download.


Ordering Information

Region Ordering Number
Japan RTE0T00001FWRJP000R
Europe, USA   RTE0T00001FWREA000R
China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, South Korea, Singapore RTE0T00001FWRAS000R


  1. 1. Since regulations that apply to the PG-FP6 vary with the region, we cannot ship a product to a region other than that from which the order was made. For example, if you place an order in Japan, you cannot purchase a product intended for Europe and the USA. Please purchase the product from a Renesas Electronics Corporation representative (responsible for sales) or distributor in the region where it is to be used.
  2. 2. If you wish to know which model is available in a region not included in the above table, please contact either a Renesas Electronics Corporation representative (responsible for sales) or distributor.


Power Supply Adapter

The PG-FP6 includes a power supply adapter which conforms with the regulations and plug shapes in the region where the order is made.

Region Plug Shape Voltage
AC: 90-264V



Hong Kong
Chinese Taipei
South Korea


PG-FP6 Usage Examples

Stand-alone (off-line) programming

PC programming

Production line programming

Target Devices

Note1: Use programmers produced by partners for programming of the V850 and 78K with dual power supply flash memory, which assume mass production with mask ROM.

For details of support for individual device part numbers, see  List of MCUs supported by PG-FP6 (incl. information on components and parameter files)

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Function and performance comparisons between PG-FP6 and PG-FP5

Tool Information

Tools Orderable Part Number(s) Production Status Manufacturer Suggested Single Tool Price Description Distributor Stock Distributors Distributor Purchase
RTE0T00001FWREA000R Mass Production Renesas call 0 Call

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