This page explains how to obtain an evaluation board and how to download and execute the software. Please select the product (RZ/A3UL, RZ/A2M, or RZ/A1 Group) you wish to use from the following.

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Step 1: Get a EVK Kit

This evaluation board kit is ideal for evaluating RZ/A3UL. It consists of a module board (SOM) and a carrier board. Two types of evaluation boards are available: QSPI version and Octal-SPI version. For each version, there are two types: J link lite included type and J link lite not included type. Please select according to your needs.

Get the RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit
RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit

Step2: Download Software

The RZ/A3UL software development kit is a software development kit that supports various functions of RZ/A3UL such as camera input and LCD output. It provides the Flexible Software Package and RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit to help users quickly develop embedded systems with RZ/A3UL. Also supports users' HMI development by providing TES Electronics' GUI tool Guiliani.


The downloaded exe file cannot be executed unless  e² studio is installed on your PC. If you do not have  e² studio installed on your PC, please install it before downloading. You can obtain e² studio from the following link.

e² studio -information for RZ Family

Step3: Software Execution

Please refer to the following documents before you begin.



It’s easy to get up and running with the RZ/A2M MPU with DRP.

Step 1: Get a EVK Kit

RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit is the ideal board kit for evaluating the RZ/A2M. It includes a MIPI camera module, a display output board for display connection, and a J-LINK Lite debug emulator. You can start evaluating RZ/A2M immediately after opening the package.

Get the RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit


Step 2: Download Software

RZ/A2M Software Package is a software development kit that supports various RZ/A2M functions such as DRP, camera input, display output, and image quality adjustment. It includes RZ/A2M device drivers, middleware, sample applications, and a real-time OS (FreeRTOS).

The basic package includes driver software for various IPs and sample applications that use them, and the application package is specialized for specific applications.

Please select and download the appropriate package according to the functionality you wish to use.

Step 3: Software Execution

Please select and run one of the sample programs included in the RZ/A2M Software Package. Each sample includes the corresponding application and executable source code.

Included sample programs



RZ/A1 MPU is easy to start using.

Step1: Get a EVK Kit

RZ/A1 evaluation boards are available in two versions, Stream It!-RZ with RZ/A1LU or Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H, depending on the device you want to use.

These kits are designed for development and evaluation of applications such as camera input, LCD display output, Ethernet connectivity, etc.

They include an LCD display module, J-LINK Lite debug emulator, etc., and are ready for immediate use.


Get Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H

Step 2: Download Software

Please download the software package. This is a free software development kit for RZ/A1 that supports camera input and LCD output.

This kit includes device drivers, middleware, and sample programs.

RZ/A1LU FreeRTOS™ Software Package

RZ/A1H FreeRTOS™ Software Package


Step3: Software Execution

Please refer to the following documents before use.