GUI Solutions

The RX Family GUI Solutions provide everything needed for an HMI design. Includes microcontrollers with dedicated display functions, display kits with included demos to help kick-start evaluations immediately, and GUI design tools and software to facilitate GUI design and development.

Solves the GUI development issues with the RX MCU

With a Single RX MCU Chip

RX MCUs have up to 4MB flash, 1MB RAM, and a built-in LCD controller. This makes it possible to realize an LCD display with a single chip.

In addition, the built-in 2D drawing engine provides drawing assistance, enabling smooth display.

RX MCUs make it possible to realize an LCD display with a single chip
Part Number CPU Frequency ROM RAM LCD Interfaces Recommended Resolution
RX72M/RX72N RXv3 240 MHz 4 MB 1 MB Parallel RGB, SPI, I2C Up to WQVGA 16-bit
Up to WVGA 8-bit
RX66N RXv3 120 MHz 4 MB 1 MB Parallel RGB, SPI, I2C
RX65N/RX651 RXv2 120 MHz 2 MB 640 KB Parallel RGB, SPI, I2C Up to WQVGA 16-bit

GUI Development Support Tool That Works With Ecosystem Partners

GUI Development Support Tool: QE for Display

Adjust LCD settings from your computer, and use together with a partner GUI development support tool.

  1. Easily adjust LCD settings
    • Easily adjust timing and image quality
    • Write parameters to registers with a single button, and make adjustments while viewing an actual LCD
  2. Use together with partner GUI tool
    • Actions such as downloading, installation, and calling the partner GUI tool are performed from QE for Display
    • Edited image data can be incorporated into existing projects
    • emWin for RX from Segger is supported, and support will be expanded to more tools going forward
Easily make LCD adjustments

Easily adjust LCD settings

Use together with partner GUI tool

Use together with partner GUI tool

*QE for Display is a solution tool kit that runs on the e2 studio integrated development environment. It is available from Renesas free of cost.

Partner GUI Tools for Intuitive GUI Development

Tool Description Partner
emWin for RX A free, lightweight GUI library Segger
Aeropoint GUI for RX Allows GUI creation in PowerPoint, excellent color reduction technology and audio/video playback CRI Middleware

Affordable All-in-One Envision Kits

  • Equipped with a pre-installed demo and onboard emulator to allow quick evaluation and to help get designs started right away
  • The RX65N Envision Kit is equipped with a WQVGA size LCD
  • The flagship model RX72N Envision Kit is additionally equipped with audio I/O, Wi-Fi/BLE, Ethernet, and security features
RX65N Envision Kit RX72N Envision Kit
  • CPU: RX65N 144-pin LQFP
  • Display: WQVGA LCD w/ cap touch
  • Connectivity: USB, PMOD
  • Memory: QSPI serial flash (32MB)
  • CPU: RX72N 144-pin LQFP
  • Display: WQVGA LCD w/ cap touch
  • Audio: Audio jack, MEMS mic x 2
  • Connectivity: microSD card slot, USB, PMOD x2
  • Memory: QSPI serial flash (32MB)
  • Network: Ethernet, Wi-Fi/BLE combo
  • Security: Trusted Secure IP

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Easy GUI Development by Using QE for Display

Introducing the entire process from project launch to image quality adjustment and installing the partner GUI tools.

00:00 Introduction
02:28 How to prepare a project
04:48 How to adjust LCD
07:45 How to create GUI