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With the growing demand for improved user experiences across various devices like home appliances, medical equipment, and industrial machinery, we‘ve seen a significant shift from traditional segment-style LCDs to vibrant, interactive touchscreen LCD displays. This not only enhances user experience but also greatly increases the flexibility of display and control of display devices.

Aligning with this trend, the RX Family offers two GUI solutions.

  • Rich graphics solution utilizing on-chip Graphic LCD Controller (GLCDC) and 2D Drawing Engine
  • Efficient solution for compact displays by controlling external LCD controller via SPI interface

Furthermore, the RX Family provides comprehensive development support tools to enable users to easily develop smooth and attractive GUI applications.

Rich GUI Solution Using GLCDC Controller

To achieve high-quality displays, the RX offers devices equipped with a Graphic LCD Controller (GLCDC).

Key Features:

  • LCD display can be realized with a single chip
    • Eliminating the need for external LCD controllers or memory, simplifying the system configuration, and reducing BOM.
  • Support color depth up to 24bpp with the LCD controller (GLCDC)
    • Recommended resolution: WQVGA with 24bpp、or WVGA with 8bpp
  • Large internal memory: up to 4MB flash memory and 1MB RAM
    • Sufficient storage for image data and frame buffers
  • Accelerate drawing processing using 2D Drawing Engine
    • Improving the frame rate and reducing the CPU workload
RX MCU Rich GUI Solution Using GLCDC Controller

RX Family Lineup with Built-in GLCDC

Target DevicesCPU CoreMax. FrequencyOn-chip ROMOn-chip RAMLCD Interface2D Drawing EngineRecommended Display
RX72M/RX72NRXv3240 MHz4 MB1 MBParallel RGBYesUp to WQVGA 24bpp
Up to WVGA 8bpp
RX66NRXv3120 MHz4 MB1 MBParallel RGBYes
RX65N/RX651RXv2120 MHz2 MB640 KBParallel RGBYesUp to WQVGA 16bpp

Recommend Kit: Envision Kit

To enable a quick start to graphics evaluation, the RX Family offers affordable Envision Kits for RX65N and RX72N. These kits come pre-loaded with demos using the WQVGA LCD mounted on the kit, allowing users to experience the graphics performance right out of the box.

RX65N Envision KitRX72N Envision Kit
  • CPU: RX65N 144-pin LQFP
  • Display: WQVGA LCD w/ cap touch
  • Connectivity: USB, PMOD
  • Memory: QSPI serial flash (32MB)
  • CPU: RX72N 144-pin LQFP
  • Display: WQVGA LCD w/ cap touch
  • Audio: Audio jack, MEMS mic x 2
  • Connectivity: microSD card slot, USB, PMOD x2
  • Memory: QSPI serial flash (32MB)
  • Network: Ethernet, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth LE combo
  • Security: Trusted Secure IP

GUI Solution Using External LCD Controller via SPI Control

For RX devices that do not come equipped with GLCDC, it's possible to control an external LCD controller via the SPI interface for LCD display.

Key Features:

  • Optimal for cost-effective applications and displays with low resolution.
  • LCD displays can be controlled with just four pins for the SPI interface.
    • All RX devices support the SPI interface.
  • Sample programs that allow simultaneous evaluations of an external LCD display and touch button control
    • The sample programs, using QVGA (320x240) LCD and on-board touch buttons, are available on RX-RSK boards.
    • A Proof-of-Concept of RX140/RX671 based on operation of a microwave allows real experience of system capabilities.
    • The sample programs include programs for the capacitive touch sensor unit integrated on RX140/RX671.
GUI solution using SPI

GUI Development Support Tool: QE for Display

QE enables intuitive adjustment of LCD settings from the GUI screen. Particularly, it simplifies the complex setting of LCD timing. Additionally, by integrating with our partner's GUI development tools, it significantly enhances the efficiency of GUI development.

Key Features:

  • Easy LCD Adjustment:
    • Easily adjust timing and image quality.
    • Write parameters to registers with a single button, enabling adjustment while viewing the actual display
  • Collaboration with Partner's GUI Tools:
    • Download, install, and start partner GUI tools directly from QE for Display.
    • Integrate the generated source of GUI into the project, enabling immediate building and execution.

*QE for Display is a solution tool kit that runs on the e2 studio Integrated Development Environment. It is available from Renesas free of charge.

Partner GUI Tools

AppWizardGUI tool for lightweight, free-of-charge emWin library for RX devices.
For Japanese domestic customers, contact EmbITeK for support.
Segger Microcontroller Systems
CRI Aeropoint GUIEnable quick GUI creation in PowerPoint, excellent color reduction technology, and audio/video playback.CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
Embedded Wizard
(*QE for Display not supported)
A GUI tool designed to provide a smooth workflow for embedded systems.TARA Systems GmbH


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Flat Design Demo - Display and Capacitive Touch with 32-bit MCU RX Family

This video introduces the reference design for serial TFT-LCD QVGA display and capacitive touch functions controlled by a single-chip RX MCU.

For more information, please refer to Serial LCD + Touch Reference Design.