Cyberon DSpotter is a local voice trigger and command recognition solution with robust noise reduction that consumes very low resources and provides high-accuracy performance. It runs on RA MCU Family, RX671, and RX72N and supports multiple languages as well as many connectivity functions and security capabilities depending on the selected MCU.



  • Local voice recognition algorithm, no network connectivity needed
  • Phoneme-based modeling
    • Quick command customization: don’t have to collect speech data in advance
    • Optimization by model adaptation just with a small amount of speech data
  • Global language support: 44+ languages worldwide
  • Small footprint (typically Flash : 200KB + 42B*Xc, RAM: 24KB+130B*Xc; scalable) and cost effective (single DMIC + Renesas MCU)
  • DSMT Tool: wake-word and command customization, performance tuning, testing, no-prior neural network knowledge needed.
  • Separation of recognition engine and command model, switching commands dynamically
  • Low power and high-efficiency MCU with strong security function




  • IoT devices
  • Home appliances
  • Wearable/Hearable devices


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Product Brief Log in to Download PDF 1.50 MB
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