Renesas offers industry-leading devices to enable efficient and reliable communication for industrial control, networking and computing applications. We are the industry leader in serial switching devices that include advanced PCI Express® and Serial RapidIO® switches optimized for the most demanding applications. Renesas is the only "one-stop" source with PCIe solutions for switches, bridges, signal integrity, flash controllers, and timing. Renesas is also the world’s leading supplier of Serial RapidIO switches and bridges. In addition, we provide support for legacy bus specifications such as PCI, PCI-X, and VME.

Renesas also offers dual protocol transceivers, voltage level translators, I2C Buffers, wide operating voltage range RS-232 transceivers, and RS-485/RS-422 devices with the highest noise immunity and ESD protection in small packages are available to support high-speed data transfer and a variety of configurations to fit your applications.


Wireless Communications

Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, and ultra-wideband wireless communications solutions

2-Wire Bus Buffers

Improve data transmission speed on SMBus or 2-wire serial bus interfaces

AS-Interface Products

ICs for power supply, physical data transfer and communication protocol handling

BACnet and LON Industrial Protocols

Programmable, highly integrated transceiver SoCs for Free Topology (FT) networks

Data Compression

Compression IP that supports GSM, WCDMA and LTE signals at full CPRI data rates

Haptic Drivers

Low-power, high-definition haptic drivers for next-gen HMI

IO-Link Line Drivers

Compact IO-Link line drivers with high-voltage I/O channels

Industrial Ethernet

Products that support Ethernet-based networks in factories

Logic Level Signal Translators

6-channel bidirectional, auto-direction sensing, level translators

Memory Interface Products

Products for DIMM, DRAM and NAND memory interface applications

Optical Interconnect - Datacom

Optical interconnect IC solutions for datacom applications

Optical Interconnect - General

Ideal for sensors and optical devices with photo diodes

Optical Interconnect - Telecom

Optical drivers, transimpedance amplifiers and retimer IC solutions

PCI Express® Solutions

PCIe solutions for switches, bridges, signal integrity, and timing

Photocouplers / Optocouplers

Photocouplers for motor drive, current/voltage sensing and communication functions

Physical Layer Products

Proven PHY solutions for 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Ethernet

Power Line Communications (PLC)

High-performance and flexible power line communication devices

RS-485, RS-422 & RS-232

Basic, low cost and enhanced RS-232 and RS-485/422 transceivers

Serial RapidIO® Solutions

Bridging and switching products with support at up to 50Gbps per port

Signal Integrity Products

Provide a 300% reach extension over passive copper solutions

Telecom Datacom Products

SLICs, line drivers, controllers, switches, and SerDes devices

Telecom Interface Products

Access and transport, TDM switching and voice processing solutions

USB Switches & Hubs

USB 3.0 compatible controllers and USB 2.0 hosts


VME Interconnect technology enabling high-performance data transfers


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IDT ZWIR4532 6LoWPAN Wireless Module for IoT Sensor Networks

IDT’s ZWIR4532 6LoWPAN wireless module enable secure low-power communication for sensors and small Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IDT provides a user-programmable, royalty-free stack with mesh routing capability. The IEEE 802.15.4-based modules are ideal for sensors and other IoT small devices used in industry and building automation, smart city lighting, environmental sensing, health monitoring, smart metering, and keyless entry systems.

For more information about IDT's 6LoWPAN wireless modules, visit