This Renesas AC servo solution integrates motor control and EtherCAT design to support high-speed and high-precision motor control through synchronizing time-sensitive industrial Ethernet communications. This solution is composed of three blocks: system control, power drive and motor encoder, which are physically isolated while maintaining a high degree of interconnect. By utilizing the high-performance RZ/T2L, RZ/T2M or RZ/N2L microprocessor, this monolithic solution design outperforms traditional two-chip platforms on performance and cost.

System Benefits:

  • Customers can easily implement motor control using the CiA 402 drive profile via EtherCAT and referring to this solution board.
  • 2-in-1 chip design, removes additional FPGA, optimized solution cost
  • Renesas offers over 50% of this solution's BOM, alleviating delivery concerns in sourcing from multiple vendors




  • AC servo
  • Industrial networks
  • Remote I/O
  • Robotic elbow control

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