The industrial market highly appreciates "stamp-type" proven-to-work MPU system-on-modules (SoMs), where customers can build their own unique peripherals around them. Renesas provides such a module and carrier board for this type of solution, resulting in a massive reduction of time-to-market, development cost and risk on the customer side.

System Benefits:

  • Stamp-type SoM module
    • Ready, proven-to-work, includes all needed components
    • Can directly be soldered on customer carrier board as a "stamp" on a letter
    • Single 3.3V supply by dedicated PMIC OTP settings for RZ/N2L and RZ/T2M MPUs
    • Integrated memory 16MB QSPI flash + 32MB SDRAM, 2kx8 EEPROM, 2x industrial Ethernet Gigabit interface




  • Industrial customers, who need up to 2x Gigabit industrial Ethernet plus their individual peripherals and want to significantly reduce time-to-market, development effort and risk

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EU140 Non-Renesas Component.291 Right arrow.252.829 Down arrow.256 Line.254.782 Line.254.783 Line.254.754 Line.254.735 EU140 EU140 EU140 128MBit 3.3V Flash QSPI 128MBit 3.3V Flash QSPI 128MBit3.3V Flash QSPI SDRAM 32MB 3.3V SDRAM 32MB 3.3VSDRAM Gbit Ethernet #1 Gbit Ethernet #1 Gbit Ethernet #1 Gbit Ethernet #2 Gbit Ethernet #2 Gbit Ethernet #2 I2C, IRQ, GPIO I2C, IRQ, GPIO I2C, IRQ, GPIO UART, IRQ, GPIO UART, IRQ, GPIO UART, IRQ, GPIO 4x ADCin 4x ADCin 4x ADCin UART, I2C, HSPI, CAN UART, I2C, HSPI, CAN UART, I2C,HSPI, CAN Right arrow.252 Right arrow.252.691 Line.254 Right arrow.252.695 Gbit Ethernet 1 Gbit Ethernet PHY#1 Gbit EthernetPHY#1 Gbit Ethernet 2 Gbit Ethernet PHY#2 Gbit EthernetPHY#2 Reset + Delay + Load Switch Reset + Delay + Load Switch Reset + Delay + Load Switch Right arrow.252.714 Right arrow.252.715 Connector.287 Line.254.717 Right arrow.733 Right arrow.734 Up arrow.290 EEProm 2kB EEProm I2C for EtherCAT 2kB EEProm I2Cfor EtherCAT Right arrow.744 Clock Clock Clock Sheet.752 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Down arrow.256.753 Right arrow.755 Sheet.762 Label Text 10pt.793 8+2xLED 8+2xLED ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.763 Label Text 10pt.793 8+2xLED 8+2xLED ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.766 Label Text 10pt.793 8 8 ?Communication Lines A.814 Right arrow.770 Sheet.771 Label Text 10pt.793 8 8 ?Communication Lines A.814 Down arrow.256.774 Down arrow.775 Down arrow.776 3V3 3V3 3V3 Right arrow.778 Reset Reset Reset Line.254.784 Double arrow.267 Double arrow.267.786 Right arrow.252.787 Line.254.788 Right arrow.252.789 Connector.287.790 Oscillator Oscillator Oscillator Down arrow.256.792 Connector.287.793 Right arrow.252.798 Right arrow.252.800 Reset MPU Reset MPU Reset MPU Label Text 10pt.262.802 1V0 1V0 Label Text 10pt.805 2V5 2V5 Label Text 10pt.807 1V8 1V8 Up arrow.290.809 Right arrow.252.810 Right arrow.252.811 I2C I2C I2C Right arrow.252.816 Label Text 10pt.768 6 6 Sheet.818 Label Text 10pt.819 40 40 Sheet.820 Label Text 10pt.824 2 2 Sheet.825 Label Text 10pt.826 0.3Amax 0.3Amax Label Text 10pt.827 0.3Amax 0.3Amax Label Text 10pt.828 0.2Amax 0.2Amax Sheet.830 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Up arrow.290.833 Double arrow.267.834 Double arrow.267.835 USB USB USB Debug Debug Debug Sheet.840 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.843 Label Text 10pt.793 9 9 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.846 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Right arrow.252.850 Label Text 10pt.851 1V8 1V8 Label Text 10pt.852 reserve reserve Sheet.1000 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Connector.287.1003 Label Text 10pt.1004 1V1 1V1 Label Text 10pt.1005 0.3Amax 0.3Amax Label Text 10pt.1007 2 2 Sheet.1008 Line.254.1009 Label Text 10pt.1010 3V3 3V3 Label Text 10pt.1011 0.8Amax 0.8Amax Right arrow.1012 Line.254.1013 Connector.1014 Left arrow.266 Left arrow.1018 Left arrow.1019 Left arrow.1020 Left arrow.1021 Line.254.1022 Line.254.1023 Line.1027 Line.1029 Line.1030 Line.1031 Sheet.1032 Label Text 10pt.793 4 4 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1038 Label Text 10pt.793 2..4 2..4 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1039 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1042 Label Text 10pt.793 6 6 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1045 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1049 Label Text 10pt.793 n n ?Communication Lines A.814 Sheet.1052 Label Text 10pt.793 4x ADC 4x ADC ?Communication Lines A.814 Connector.1056 PMIC PMIC PMIC PMIC CH4 CH4 CH4 CH3 CH3 CH3 CH1 CH1 CH1 CH2 CH2 CH2 LDO LDO LDO I2C I2C I2C PG/POR PG/POR PG/POR 4x DC/DC 1x LDO 4x DC/DC 1x LDO 4x DC/DC1x LDO MPU MPU MPU MPU QSPI QSPI QSPI RAM RAM RAM I2C.678 I2C I2C Can CAN CAN HSPI HSPI HSPI I2C I2C I2C UART UART UART Debug Debug Debug USB USB USB Reset Reset Reset GMAC#1 GMAC#1 GMAC#1 GMAC#2 GMAC#2 GMAC#2 GMAC#3 GMAC#3 GMAC#3 Ether Clk Ether Clk Ether Clk ESC-I2C ESC-I2C ESC-I2C I2C+IRQ+GPIO I2C+IRQ+GPIO I2C+IRQ+GPIO UART+IRQ+GPIO UART+IRQ+GPIO UART+IRQ+GPIO ADC ADC ADC Dynamic connector Dynamic connector.741 25MHz 25MHz Osc. 25MHzOsc. Label Text 10pt.794 VDD11 VDD11 Label Text 10pt.795 VDD18 VDD18 Label Text 10pt.796 VDD33 VDD33 Arm Arm Cortex-R52 400/200MHz Arm Cortex-R52400/200MHz
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