The design goal for induction cooking applications is to deliver the highest efficiency power conversion together with differentiating features such as rapid and focused heating, operational simplicity and high reliability.

In induction cooking applications, it is important that the IGBT controller, at the heart of the system, provides intelligent induction element control and gives the designer the tools and technical advantages to build a system that is efficient, reliable and integrates all required functions to simplify the design cycle and produce a volume-manufacturable design that is fast to market at a competitive cost.

This 2100W, single-plate induction cooktop design, using the iW248 smart IGBT driver and controller single-chip ASSP offers high-efficiency and high-reliability performance. The design gives the flexibility to adjust the power in ±10W steps, which allows the users to cook at the simmering condition. A capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU) enables robust capacitive touch, which senses properly in wet conditions. Over-temperature detection using three negative temperature coefficient resistors (NTCs) are provided in the design.

System Benefits​:

  • Integrated ASSP design offers a low cost, low component count system.
  • AC input, IGBT voltage spike detection and current sense using the iW248 help with fast protection response. It is a digital controller with analog driver blocks using a state machine that offers much faster response.
  • Controlled speed and soft start of the blower fan using the SLG59H1013V load switch.
  • Patented low power technology, gives adjustable to ±10W allowing users to cook at the simmer condition.




  • Home appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Inductive heater (room, water)