Modern life almost requires us to carry multiple electronic devices. It could be phones, notebooks or tablets, or a combination of them all. Along with these devices are all the chargers that go along with them and more than likely they will not be compatible with each other so the user will have to carry all of these as well. So, consumers are eager for a single solution that can easily charge all of their products. Renesas provides a total IC solution for this application, including boost power factor correction (PFC), quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller power, DC/DC buck, USB power delivery (PD) controller, and an MCU.

System Benefits​:

  • Simple charging of multiple devices
  • High-performance PFC and AC/DC control, high-performance DC/DC buck devices provide efficient power
  • Low pin count, low power and high-performance Renesas RL78/G15 series MCU and PD control



  • Quick adapters
  • Phone chargers
100W Adaptor with Power Delivery & Wireless Charger

Renesas’ smart asset tracking label leverages Renesas’ ultra-low power devices to provide package or asset tracking with environmental in data logging in an ultra-thin, flexible and easily disposable device. The design is based on the DA14531 ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1 SoC.

** https://www.renesas.com/us/en/application/home-building/100w-adaptor-power-delivery-wireless-charger

Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

Renesas' complementary product portfolios of Analog + Power + Embedded Processing + Connectivity work together to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our product experts have developed "Winning Combinations," compelling product combinations that help our customers accelerate their designs and get to market faster.

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