In standard range hoods, devices are operated by contact-type buttons; but recently, as part of smart kitchens, there are increasing requirements for stylish touch functions, higher performance and multifunctionality in the market. In addition, sensing functions such as gas stove temperature and detection of gas and cooking odors are also required. This reference design provides non-contact touch operation and various sensing solutions. These can be integrated and managed by using the RA2E1 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) or the RX230 32-bit MCU. For additional resources, please visit our sensor solutions page.

System Benefits​:

  • Small PCB layout provides flexibility of system design.
  • Easy development with one MCU covering multiple functions.
  • Several sensors (TVOC/temperature/humidity/thermopile) help to realize an integrated system.
  • Proximity touch control available for advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) function.
  • When using the RA2E1 32-bit MCU, it is possible to utilize the Capacitive Touch Sensor Unit 2 (CTSU2) which improves touch accuracy and robustness for noise resistance.
  • The HS3101 is a relative humidity and temperature sensor with membrane, and the ZMOD4410AI3 is an indoor air quality sensor platform with a membrane. The sensors have unique sensor-level protection ensuring high reliability and long-term stability. The hydrophobic membrane is IP67 rating.



  • Smart range hood


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