Power Line Communication (PLC) is a communication method that uses power lines as the medium. By using power lines as the communication network, it is possible to build a system quickly at low cost. For this reason, PLC is used for communications in smart meters (advanced metering infrastructure - AMI), home energy management systems (HEMS), building energy management systems (BEMS), and solar panel monitoring systems, part of a smart society. Communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power lines.

Renesas offers power line communication solutions consisting of high-performance and flexible PLC devices, optimized evaluation boards, and a software stack that makes it easy to realize robust communication to support the development of projects.


  • Can communicate where wireless communication is not possible. Can reduce or eliminate cables.
  • Avoid noise interference and achieve high throughput by OFDM modulation.
  • High security level by AES encryption and network authentication.

Long Distance

  • Long distance direct communication up to over 1 kilometer by narrowband PLC with lower path loss.
  • Even longer distance by multi-hop communication.

Applications for Power Line Communication Solutions

Power Line Communication for Smart Homes
  • Smart meter (AMI)
  • Smart home and HEMS
  • HVAC and lighting control
Power Line Communication Building Automation
  • Building automation
  • EV charging station
  • Solar power and smart grid

High Performance and Flexibility

Renesas offers a PLC modem that is compliant with global standards for power line communication (G3-CENELEC, ARIB, FCC, PRIME and other protocols). Renesas also offers a line driver that is designed to drive heavy line loads while maintaining a high level of linearity.

High Performance

  • PLC Modem

    • High performance DSP at 276MHz provides an advanced communication algorithm based on extensive field experience.
    • AES128 hardware engine for high level communication security.
  • Line Driver

    • Drive heavy line loads with high linearity to realize long-distance communication.


  • CPU + DSP dual core system supports various PLC protocols.
  • Varied Renesas MCU lineup enables system optimization.

Optimized Evaluation Kits

Three evaluation boards optimized for different power line conditions are available. The CPX3 (J701) board has been certified by G3-PLC and PRIME alliance compliance testing. In addition, the CPX3 (J701) is used as a golden modem authorized by the G3-PLC Alliance. For AC power or DC power over 48V, the CPX3 Evaluation Kit J70D1 is available and for DC power under 48V, the CPX3 Evaluation Kit J80D1 (RX651 version that supports voice communication) and the CPX3 Evaluation Kit J80D2 (RL78 version) are available.

PLC Software Stack

Renesas offers power line communication software that is compliant with global standards for G3-PLC, PRIME, and Meters and More full stack to support multi-hop communication. Renesas also offers simple communication software based on the G3-PLC MAC layer. Choose from among these packages according to the needs of your system.

Power Line Communication Software

PLC Evaluation Tools

Communication signals on power lines may be affected by noise, line impedance and other factors, so analyzing the state of communications is important. Renesas and our partners offer evaluation tools that can visualize power line communication data and display an analysis of that data.

PLC Evaluation Tools

Technical Standards

With the spread of smart meters and other smart devices, PLC network system complexity and scale are expected to increase. Several global alliances drive the standardization and creation of profiles for communication protocols that can ensure interconnectivity in these diversifying networks. Renesas has been a strong promoter of research and development and international standardization for these alliances since their establishment, and develops solutions that support each protocols.


Many companies offer products using Renesas PLC solutions.

Renesas PLC Solution Partners Page


Neona Data Concentration Unit
Inesh Smart Meter
Inesh Data Concentration Unit
ICD Hybrid Meter
RFCOM Powerline Communication (PLC) Module


Title language Type Format File Size Date
Datasheets & Errata
R9A06G037 Modem LSI Datasheet 日本語 Datasheet PDF 794 KB
ISL15102 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 898 KB
User Guides & Manuals
Pmod™ PLC Module Evaluation Kit (Y-PMOD-OFDM-PLC-X3) User's Manual Manual - Development Tools PDF 831 KB
Meters and More SMITP PLC Synergy Sample Application Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide PDF 1.62 MB
PRIME Service Node Sample Application Functional Specification for RX Series Manual - Software PDF 2.79 MB
PRIME v1.4 Base Node Tool User Manual Manual - Software PDF 5.08 MB
G3-PLC Sample Program User's Manual Manual - Development Tools PDF 2.05 MB
G3-PLC Sample Application Start Guide for GCPX3 Board Quick Start Guide PDF 1.01 MB
Guideline on PCB Design for PLC Board for AC 日本語 Guide PDF 1.11 MB
PLC Voice Communicator Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide PDF 1.03 MB
Voice Over PLC Sample Application Operating Manual Manual - Software PDF 1.51 MB
Guideline on PCB Design for PLC Board for DC 日本語 Guide PDF 2.60 MB
ISL15102IRZ-EVALZ User Guide Guide PDF 1.07 MB
CPX3 + ISL15102 Design Proposal (J90) Schematic/BOM (*This kit has not obtained CE marking) Schematic PDF 378 KB
Pmod™ PLC Module Evaluation Kit (Y-PMOD-OFDM-PLC-X3) Schematic/BOM Schematic PDF 543 KB
CPX3 Evaluation Kit for AC and DC over 48V (J70D1 with RX631) Schematic/BOM 日本語 Schematic PDF 455 KB
CPX3 Evaluation Kit for DC under 48V (J80D1 with RX651+Audio Circuit) Schematic/BOM 日本語 Schematic PDF 591 KB
CPX3 Evaluation Kit for DC under 48V (J80D2 with RL78/G13) Schematic/BOM 日本語 Schematic PDF 518 KB

memoryBoards & Kits

Part Number Title Type Company
RTK0EE0003D01002BJ CPX3 Evaluation Kit for AC and DC over 48V (J70D1 with RX631) Evaluation Renesas
RTK0EE0007D01001BJ CPX3 Evaluation Kit for DC under 48V (J80D1 with RX651+Audio circuit) Evaluation Renesas
RTK0EE0007D02001BJ CPX3 Evaluation Kit for DC under 48V (J80D2 with RL78/G13) Evaluation Renesas