10BASE-T1S and CAN XL have entered the networking arena and try to convince with 10MBit/s transmission speed and some level of compatibility to other protocols of the same family. In this first blog talking about these new protocols we give a brief explanation of the enhancements made during the standardization. Then we will take a look to performance and efficiency of both protocols.

In a second post coming soon, we will take a deeper look how both protocols could be used in a system, what is necessary to connect CAN XL and 10BASE-T1S to a IVN backbone and how the protocols perform from a gateway application software viewpoint.

By Thorsten Hoffleit, Senior Manager -- 2021-09


By Makiko Seki, Senior Specialist -- 2021-09

Renesas RTD120D thermopile can support healthy air in Canadian classrooms.

By Mark Barclay, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-09

“ルネサスの戦略と幅広い車載ソリューションラインナップをアップデートさせていただく機会として「Renesas Automotive Daysオンライン」を開催します。

By 藤田 裕子, 主任 -- 2021-09


By 安齊 拓也, IoT Product Engineer -- 2021-09

Dan discusses the benefits of Renesas’ lab on the cloud platform

By Daniel Goodhew, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-09

Pavel provides an overview of the Ka Satcom band LNA lab demonstration that achieved a new performance benchmark for active beamforming ICs in electronically steered phased array antennas (ESAs) with two simultaneous beams.

By Pavel Borodulin, Senior Product Marketing Manager -- 2021-09

ルネサスはアプリケーション処理と標準的なEtherCAT通信、モータ制御をワンチップで実現するRX72M モータ+EtherCAT シングルチップソリューションをご提案します。

By Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Specialist -- 2021-09


By Vito Colagiacomo, Staff Engineer -- 2021-09

Minh Tran氏が検証済みLinuxパッケージの利点について説明し、産業グレードのLinux Civil Infrastructure Platform(CIP)と、本格的なRZ/G向けボードサポートパッケージ (BSP)に統合された超長期サポート(SLTS)カーネルを紹介します。

By Minh Tran, Manager -- 2021-08