USB communication and programming board for ZMID inductive application modules. An application module (e.g. ZMID5201MROT; not included, available as a separate item) can be connected to the ZMID-COMBOARD. The AID EVKIT GUI allows programming and sensor data readout after connecting it to a PC. 


  • Supports ZMID5201, ZMID5202, ZMID5203 application modules
  • OWI
  • Analog
  • PWM
  • SENT


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star ZMID520x Evaluation Kit User Manual for Application Modules Manual - Development Tools PDF 3.27 MB
ZMID-COMBOARD Guide - Serial Communication and Commands Manual - Development Tools PDF 459 KB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
ZMID520X Eval Kit Software Version 1.3 Software & Tools - Evaluation Software ZIP 1.46 MB