MOSFET gate drivers are specialized circuits used to drive the gate of power MOSFETs effectively and efficiently in high-speed switching applications and power applications. MOSFETs can be used to provide the proper polarity in motor applications to rotate a rotor in the desired direction used in brushed DC motor applications. BLDC (brushless) motor applications require three half-bridge MOSFET topologies to commutate a BLDC motor. An MCU with a FET driver and three half-bridge MOSFETs completes the motor control system.

The innovative family of smart three-phase MOSFET drivers further simplifies BLDC motor design by driving a variety of motor configurations and motor control algorithms without requiring hardware changes. These smart gate drivers integrate supporting circuitry, such as power management, zero crossing detection, gain amplifiers, and sample/hold to utilize only ADCs from the MCU which saves board space and BOM cost.

Pairing the RA6T2 MCU and RAA227063 3-Phase Smart Driver offers an optimal combination of processing speed and power efficiency to address traction motors that have very small form factor limitations and a breadth of power requirements. The RAA227063 integrates the power management to power the driver and the MCU directly from the battery to reduce overall circuitry. Its programmability allows designers to optimize the inverter power stage and address different power levels by simply changing the MOSFETs and tuning slew rate, dead time, and gate drive via software.

RA6T2 and RAA227063 Motor Diagram

Using the smart 3-phase driver simplifies motor design by driving multiple variations of motor configurations (sensor and sensorless) and motor control algorithms (6 Step Trapezoidal, 150° Drive, and Vector Control) without making hardware changes. The smart 3-phase driver offers easy programmability via SPI that allows designers to set their desired configuration via software. It pairs with any MCU to allow scaling the MCU to the application requirements, such as more memory, higher clock speed, faster timers, or higher ADC resolution. Renesas smart 3-phase drivers offer a 5V or 3.3V supply to source to power the MCU without requiring any additional power management devices.

Size comparison – integrated smart gate driver

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