Development Environment for RX Family Development Tool

Renesas supports your entire development process for the RX applications by development tools such as easy-to use emulators and programming tools, as well as integrated development environments (e² studio and CS+) that highly enhance your development environment.

Furthermore, extension plug-ins (from the Solution Toolkit) for the Renesas integrated development environments can speed up your development work and reduce total costs.

Integrated Development Environment, a big support to the entire embedded system development

IDE e² studio - Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment!

e² studio is an integrated development environment for the Renesas RX Family of MCUs, based on the globally used open-source integrated development environment EclipsCombined with the multifunctional editor and project management tools of Eclipse CDT, e² studio has various extended functions from Renesas, contributing to reducing the time you spend on developmene² studio is suitable for those who are conversant with the Eclipse environment or those who want to use the plug-in features that have evolved with the open-source Eclipse IDE.

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IDE CS+ - simple, usable, and secure!

CS+ is an integrated development environment originally designed by Renesas and brings all the development environment elements needed for Renesas 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers together in a single packagThis product supports your entire application development, from coding through building and debugging, with many functions such as static code analysis and graphical display of the values of variableA full selection of tutorials is also available, allowing you to find its simplicity, usability, and security of use even if you are a beginneCS+ is suitable for those who are using Renesas MCUs.

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Compiler bringing out the efficiencies of the RX

CC-RX compiler from Renesas - supporting easy translation from existing MCU

This compiler offers the enhanced optimizations and generates codes to bring out the efficiencies of the RX MCUs. Combined with various features for embedded systems, it supports the translation from existing CPU. The MISRA-C rule checker is also included as standard, contributing to enhancing the reliability of program. You will also find the most suitable one from the selectable licenses for your system development.

For customers who are using RX compiler products in developing products for industrial applications, we also have a kit to support "certification of development tools" required by functional safety standard IEC 61508.

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Compilers by IAR Systems

IAR Systems offers compiler products with the industry-leading code generation rate (the compilers originally designed by IAR Systems). They are the worldly used tools (Japanese versions are also released), the functional safety versions certified according to IEC61508/ISO26262, the international standards for functional safety.

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Open-source compiler, provided for free. This can be used in combination with IDE e² studio.

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Solution Toolkit

Smart Utilities

The Smart Browser, Smart Manual, Smart Configurator and so on form a group of utilities that are useful regardless of the type of application you are developing. The Smart Utilities are plug-ins for the integrated development environments, and are intended to extend the environments in ways that help you to work more efficiently.

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QE: Tools for Particular Applications

These are plug-ins that take advantage of our development know-how to provide more efficient development and debugging of specific parts of applications, such as those for communications or display operations.

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High Performance, Low Cost Emulator

Renesas On-chip Debugging Emulator

These on-chip debugging emulators can be also used as flash programmer. Execution address and data access break functions and on-chip trace function are supported.

Comparison of major specifications of the E2 emulator, E2 emulator Lite, and E1 emulator (Discontinued product) >>

E2 emulator [Supported IDEs: e² studio, CS+]

This high-performance model makes for more efficient development. Using combinations with the upcoming release solutions will contribute to reduction in development time.

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E2 emulator >>
"Current consumption Tuning Solution" QE for Current Consumption >>

E2 emulator

E2 emulator Lite [IDE supported: e² studio or IAR EWRX]

This product has the same debugging function as E1 emulator has, at more affordable price. Since the target interface is compatible with that for the E1 emulator, it is connectable to boards designed for the E1 emulator.

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E2 emulator Lite

E20 emulator [IDE supported: e² studio, CS+, or IAR EWRX]

Provides you more enhanced debugging by supporting functions such as larger trace capacity and real-time RAM monitoring. Coverage function is also supported on some MCUs of RX600 and RX700 Series.

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E20 emulator

Emulators from Renesas Partners

Various emulators from Renesas Partners also available.

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Select the best flash programming tool for you

Renesas Flash Programmer, on-board programming software - for developing, testing, writing small

Enables you to program via one of Renesas on-chip debugging emulators (E2 emulator, E2 emulator Lite, and E20 emulator), or using a serial or USB connection of the RX Family. Most suitable for flash programming at testing, developing, or writing small.

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Select the best flash programming tool for you

PG-FP6, flash programmer - supports programming without PC

A flash programmer supporting standalone programming which can be operated without using PC, allowing you a high-speed programming. Most suitable for programming in large or updating at a field.

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Stand-alone (off-line) programming

Various Programmers from Renesas Partners Also Available

We also offer some programmers by our partners for on-board programming and off-board programming.