The Renesas ecosystem provides end-to-end development support for design engineers using Renesas Electronics products.


Information on Renesas semiconductor products. Find out more about our abundant lineup of semiconductor products, including flash microcontrollers for which we hold the top share in the world market.
Information on solutions using Renesas semiconductor products. Find concrete solutions that can be used immediately for shortening development time, reducing costs, lowering power consumption, and so on.
Development Tools
Information on software and development tools. An abundant selection of development tools and software provide support from the design stage to evaluation and mass production, to help make development easier, faster, and more accurate.
Starter Kits and Platforms
Information on starter kits and platforms for use in microcontroller, microprocessor, or solution evaluation.
Information on purchasing Renesas semiconductor products.
Request samples of Renesas semiconductor products.


Search for documents, sample code, software, FAQs, cross reference equivalent products, and so on.
Renesas Academy
Learn how to use Renesas semiconductor products online. Useful for self-learning.
Alliance Partner
The Alliance Partner program provides users of Renesas products the latest information on the wide variety of products, services, and other solutions from our partners.
Contact Us
If you have questions about our semiconductor products, please contact us here.
Information on books and magazines related to Renesas semiconductor products.
EDA Support
Information on EDA symbols, SPICE, and analog simulation.


Renesas Rulz
A forum and community site to share technical information, questions and opinions with others who use Renesas devices.
See the latest information on trade shows and exhibitions.
My Renesas
Create a My Renesas account to use our tool download services, receive e-mail newsletters and update notifications, and take advantage of our other services.
Renesas Electronics' offical Facebook page. See posts not only on products, but also campaigns and a variety of other information.
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