Remote monitoring and control (M&C) systems are designed to control large or complex facilities such as factories, power plants, network operations centers, airports, and spacecraft, with some degree of automation. M&C systems may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures. It is often convenient to have remote monitoring stations to provide status and control to the various “nodes” on the system, typically through RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422. Using the Synergy S5D9 microcontroller (MCU), Renesas’ Remote Monitoring System solution can quickly support various connectivity standards and an LCD to form a monitoring station. The ISL32704E transceiver supports a fully-isolated and robust ESD RS-485 interface while the RV1S9160A photocoupler provides isolation for the other RS-232/485 transceivers.

The solution also supports voice recognition and capacitive touch control. The Wi-Fi can support WLAN connectivity to the cloud. And, the bigger color TFT-LCD supports an improved HMI.

An optional cloud connection is supported by the peripheral module interface (PMOD) RF modules and the Synergy SSP.


  • Wide connectivity with multiple isolated RS-485, RS-232, and RS-422 buses
  • High performance Arm® Cortex® S5D9 MCU with built-in TFT-LCDC, capacitive touch with qualified SSP
  • Large memory for supporting the high connectivity requirements
  • Easy cloud connection



  • Factory automation
  • Building automation
  • Network operations
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Winning Combinations

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