We are exploring new e-AI solutions for customers in Renesas' focus segments of smart factory, smart home, smart infrastructure, and a new business segment, service robots. We will continue to cooperate with customers and partners going forward.

Motor Failure Detection with e‑AI

This demonstration shows motor control and fault detection with a Renesas MCU.

Intelligent Manufacturing with e‑AI

This is a demonstration that an AI unit solution is connected to the actual equipment, and an abnormality judgment is made.

e-AI Solutions Accelerate Safety Monitoring for Manufacturing

A demonstration of predictive maintenance of equipment through the use of e-AI.

Cardiovascular Disease Predictor Reference Kit

A demonstration of a biological monitoring solution for home healthcare applications.

e-AI Healthcare Device Development Kit

A demonstration of the biomedical information monitor module.

Application Example of Device Coordination

A demonstration of a parking lot management system coordinating with peripheral devices.

Fault Forecasting Solutions for Office Automation Equipment

Using a printer as an example, this video shows a device forecasting its own failure.