The RoX SDK (R-Car Open Access Software Development Kit) is an easy-to-start & easy-to-use development framework for the R-Car SoCs that includes the RoX Whitebox and in future, the RoX license.

Re-inventing Software Development for Automotive Applications

The flexible RoX SDK is available in two versions. The open, easily accessible software package including royalty-free OS and hypervisor software such as Android Automotive OS, FreeRTOS, Linux, Xen and Zephyr RTOS, and reference applications designed for specific domain systems. The license package is based on industry-proven commercial software solutions, such as QNX and Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, as well as AUTOSAR-compliant software and SAFERTOS®. It is pre-integrated and tested to run on Renesas’ R-Car SoCs and MCUs and includes pre-validated software stacks from STRADVISION for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Candera CGI Studio for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and more.

With most deep-learning solutions available today building on consumer or server applications, which do not operate under the same stringent constraints for functional safety, real-time responsiveness, and low power consumption; Renesas released the RoX SDK for rule-based automotive computer vision and AI-based functions.

The simulation platform in the RoX SDK offers both AI and conventional hardware accelerators for highly accurate real-time simulations, while providing a full suite of development PC-based tools for both Windows and Linux.

Download RoX AI Workbench as the integrated IDE including AI tools such as Hybrid Compiler (HyCo) to create high-performance, real-time computer vision applications for ADAS and automated driving.

The Renesas e2 studio is an open-source Eclipse-based development environment including a full set of debug features and a cutting-edge e2 studio GUI allowing users to easily customize and integrate third-party tools. It also supports bus monitoring and debug functionalities for image processing and deep learning subsystems.

Start your next development with a full set of sample software, popular CNN networks, workshop, and application notes that are all available on the Renesas website. The RoX SDK is also a perfect platform for benchmarking Renesas products and selecting the most appropriate SoC for your target application.


  • Development tools
    • e² studio GUI
    • ADAS Plugins for real time debugging
    • Deep learning toolchain
    • Computer vision compiler
    • Cross compiler
  • Simulation platform
    • HW accelerator models for accurate and fast simulations.
    • MIL (Model in the Loop)
    • SIL (Software in the Loop)
    • HIL (Hardware in the Loop)
  • Libraries & sample code
    • Deep learning & computer vision Libraries
    • 3D Graphics Libraries (depends on the OS)
    • Video codec
    • Board Support Packages
    • Sample vision SW example & tutorial

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