QuickConnect Studio is a cloud-based design platform allowing users to visually create software prototypes for rapid validation and product development. Engineers can drag and drop hardware device blocks to build solutions, and the platform auto-generates software for no-code development. QuickConnect boards with standard connections are then available for users to deploy the auto-generated software to test within a matter of minutes.

QuickConnect Studio has broadened its scope to enable real-time code customization and remote debugging. Remote debugging with global deployments enable engineers across the world to test the system iteratively before proceeding to build with the actual boards.

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  • Drag and drop components or subsystems to create a system solution and expedite product development
  • Auto-generate production level software with no-code development to accelerate project validation
  • Get a working prototype using QuickConnect Studio and boards within 10 minutes
  • Real-time code customization to meet unique product requirements
  • Remote debugging feature is introduced which enables iteratively testing the hardware before building with physical boards
  • Global deployments that enable robust connection to remote hardware from anywhere at anytime

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Quick Connect Studio Asset Tracker - Remote Debugging Feature Demonstration

In this video, our Director of Software Engineering- Raj, walks you through building and testing the system software for an Asset Tracker using Quick Connect Studio. The video demonstrates the new feature of Remote Debugging where the system software that is automatically generated could be remotely tested by connecting to real hardware that is deployed globally. This platform will significantly reduce design complexity and time to market for our customers’ product development of electronic systems and subsystems.