Fixstars provides the GENESIS cloud tool suite for an easy start on Renesas' deep learning solution. GENESIS for R-Car allows you to immediately check the performance of R-Car V3H's CNN IP using various CNN network algorithms for free (Navigator function). Furthermore, users can access and evaluate the actual device installed on the server via the cloud (Evaluator function). You can find instructions on how to use it in the manual, so download it now and experience GENESIS for R-Car.


  • Immediate evaluation of deep learning performance (Easy to start) - R-Car V3H deep learning evaluation environment can be evaluated free of charge via the cloud (account application required).
  • Very easy to set up (Easy to use) - Easy to check R-Car V3H's deep learning execution time and recognition accuracy without any technical skills.
  • Introduced GENESIS from Fixstars - This cloud evaluation environment adopts GENESIS from Fixstars, and evaluation is possible at any time via the cloud.


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