The Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software to meet your needs. It supports the following three functions related to the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems: importing middleware of FIT modules, generating driver code, and setting pins.


We have added the RX110, RX111, and RX113 groups as supported target devices.

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Release Information

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Operating Environment

Note that this product is provided in different forms according to the development environment in use. For details, refer to the "Functions / Form of Provision". For the method of using the Smart Configurator, refer to the following User Guides.


Importing Middleware (FIT Modules)

This function is for importing FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) modules and modifying settings such as pin assignments. You can also use it with the driver code generator.

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Generating Driver Code

The Smart Configurator allows you to use its GUI to generate driver code that handles the details of the settings of peripheral modules.

Clock settings

You can make clock settings by selecting clock sources and making connections in the block diagrams in the [Clocks configuration] window.

Component settings

In the [Software component configuration] window, you can embed sample code, set peripheral functions, check for errors in settings, or modify driver channels by selecting the modules to be used.

Pin Settings

The assignments of pins can be set up from a GUI, which also checks and offers solutions for cases of contention for the same pins by multiplexed functions.

Pins Configuration window (displayed per peripheral module)

Specifying a peripheral module in the Pins Configuration window displays the pin functions for use by the module and allows you to set their assignments to pins.

MCU Package window

The MCU Package window displays a symbolic view of the pins, indicating by colors which are and are not in use, and indicating pins for which multiplexed functions are in contention, and so on, so you are able to check the overall situation.

Automatic resolution of contention between pin functions

Where contention for pins is present, clicking on the pins brings up a list allowing you to automatically change the assignments of pins to resolve the contention.

Functions / Forms of Provision

MCUs Funcitons Forms of provision
Importing middleware Generating driver code Pin settings
RH850 Stand-alone unit
RX e² studio plug-in or stand-alone software
RZ Stand-alone unit

 Supported | — Not Supported

Supported Compilers

MCUs e² studio plugin Stand-alone unit
Compilers from Renesas GNU compilers Compilers from Renesas IAR compiler GHS compiler
RX (Note1) (Note1)
RZ (Note2)

 Supported | — Not Supported


  1. 1. FIT modules cannot be imported with this compiler.
  2. 2. Only the pin-assignment function is supported.

Target Devices

Family Series Group
RX RX100 RX110, RX111, RX113, RX130
RX200 RX230, RX231
RX600 RX64M, RX651, RX65N
RX700 RX71M
RH850 RH850/F1x RH850/F1KM
RZ RZ/A1 RZ/A1H (Note1), RZ/A1L (Note1), RZ/A1LC (Note1), RZ/A1LU (Note1), RZ/A1M (Note1)
RZ/G RZ/G1C (Note1), RZ/G1E (Note1), RZ/G1H (Note1), RZ/G1M (Note1), RZ/G1N (Note1)


  1. 1. Only the pin-assignment function is supported.

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