GreenPAK Serial Debugger (GSD) device can be used for programming GreenPAK products with multiple-time Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) or for configuring the interconnect logic, the IOs, and the macrocells of all GreenPAK chips with I²C interface. It is very helpful in the late stages of development when doing debugging on-board is easiest.

The GSD works with the GreenPAK Designer version 6.xx and above. Select the GSD in the Development Platform Selector window and click on the Program or Emulate button. GSD is the Human Interface Device (HID) and does not require any additional drivers.

Kit Contents

  • GreenPAK Serial Debugger Board
  • USB Cable
  • GSD to Target System cable


  • USB interface for power and control
  • 4 pin header with I²C interface to target system
  • MacOS, Windows and Linux compatible
  • GSD supports serial programming for SLG46824, SLG46826, and SLG47004.



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