High-performance products with low forward voltage (VF) and high-speed reverse recovery time (trr) for increasing device efficiency.

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Datasheets & Errata
RJU60C6TDPP-AJ Datasheet Datasheet PDF 100 KB
RJU60C6TDPP-EJ Datasheet Datasheet PDF 80 KB
Technical Updates
Changes of the shipping forms and materials by applying the unified packing specification 日本語 Technical Update PDF 695 KB
Inner box change according to dampproof bag change and dampproof bag change 日本語 Technical Update PDF 3.10 MB
Standardization of moisture-proof aluminum bags and addition of drying agent specifications (expansion of target products) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 324 KB
Matter for Joint portion of Glass Diode taping 日本語 Technical Update PDF 44 KB
Add the carrier taping material 日本語 Technical Update PDF 88 KB
Change of inner packing label 日本語 Technical Update PDF 343 KB
The specification of the taping shipment commodity career tape shape is added. 日本語 Technical Update PDF 130 KB
Change of content printed on the side of inner box 日本語 Technical Update PDF 31 KB
Addition of Shipping Tray Type for LQFP2020 Packages 日本語 Technical Update PDF 126 KB
Change of Carrier Tape Material *Change from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to polystyrene (PS). 日本語 Technical Update PDF 41 KB
Changing the plating composition on the lead terminals (Lead-free) 日本語 Technical Update PDF 28 KB
Renesas Semiconductor Lead-Free Packages Brochure PDF 1.32 MB
Semiconductor Package Mount Manual 日本語, 简体中文 Other PDF 10.28 MB
Semiconductor Reliability Handbook 日本語 Other PDF 14.70 MB
Diode Common Item PIN Diodes Other PDF 82 KB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
Simulation Tool for Simple DC/DC - ICs for Microcontroller Power Supply System - 日本語 Software ZIP 341 KB