Nota AI's NetsPresso® is a hardware-aware AI model optimization platform that empowers developers to build, optimize, and deploy lightweight AI models on RZ/V2L microprocessors. This results in over 10x faster AI inference while consuming less power.


  • Faster Time to Market
    • Shorten the time-to-market of your AI solutions with NetsPresso® under your target hardware including RZ/V2L.
  • Compatible with Existing Platforms
    • NetsPresso® is compatible with DRP-AI translator to provide a seamless experience during Al model development on Renesas MPUs.
  • Higher Performance & Customization for Renesas
    • It optimized the latest models including YOLOv5 & YOLOv7 for DRP-AI. NPNets improved latency by 10x compared to YOLOv3. Video Link



  • ITS Use Cases
    • AI Traffic Camera
    • AI Safe Crossing
    • AI Traffic Signal Control
    • AI Smart Parking
  • Other Use Cases
    • Intrusion detection
    • Fire detection
    • Fall detection system
    • Crowd counting system


Software & Tool Pages

Software title
Software type
DRP-AI Translator [V1.83]
This is an AI model conversion tool (DRP-AI Translator) for DRP-AI equipped products. Please check the Release Notes and User's Manual first before using this product.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/V2L Linux Package [4.19-CIP]
This product provides Linux Package for RZ/V2L 64bit processors. Please read the Release Note included in this first when you use the package.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/V2L DRP-AI Support Package [V7.40]
This product provides the software and documentation for DRP-AI embedded within RZ/V2L.
Software Package Renesas
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