The Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit is an RX65N microcontroller-based cloud communications evaluation kit which is an ideal evaluation environment for IoT device developers. You can easily provide Wi-Fi connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure) to help start developing IoT devices.

The kit includes a Wi-Fi communication module, a temperature and humidity sensor, an optical sensor, a 3-axis acceleration sensor, a USB port for serial communication, and a USB port for debugging. The sensor data that is uploaded to AWS and Azure from this kit can be observed on cloud services. In addition, the e2 studio integrated development environment has been enhanced for this kit. The network stack for FreeRTOS and Azure RTOS, the configuration of component libraries, and the generation of source code can be done within e2 studio.

The RX65N microcontroller included in this kit is a next-generation general-purpose MCU with a human machine interface (HMI) and security features that are ideal for IoT edge devices. The built-in dual-bank capability and trusted secure IP features make secure cloud communications and firmware updates both easy and robust.

*The "Renesas web dashboard" has been discontinued in 2022 because it can be replaced by AWS or Azure services.

Cloud Connectivity Sample Program

AWS Certified Program

Microsoft Certified Programs


  • Securely and reliably connect to cloud services
    • The Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit, combined with a real-time OS from cloud services has the following certifications:
      •  AWS FreeRTOS certification
      • Microsoft Azure RTOS certification
  • Assists in IoT device prototyping
    • Free editing and debugging sample programs for AWS and Azure communications.
    • Comprehend the behavior of the sample programs from the application notes.
  • Reduction in actual product development manhours
    • The sample programs are based on the real-time OS provided by cloud service. You can leverage the large ecosystem of existing tools that have been developed for FreeRTOS and Azure RTOS kernels.
    • You can easily program commonly needed IoT features to devices using the software library embedded in the real-time OS by cloud service.

Evaluate cloud communications using a variety of programs

  • Basic AWS communications program
    • Sends a "Hello World" text message to the AWS cloud at regular intervals
    • FreeRTOS certified
    • Communicates wirelessly using Wi-Fi
  • Program for uploading sensor and other data to the AWS cloud, and for observing the information in the dashboard
    • Sends data from its three on-board sensors to the AWS cloud at regular intervals
    • Allows for observation of the sensor data in the dashboard
  • Azure IoT plug and play certified programs
    • Connects to Azure Central without coding, and monitors sensor data in a dashboard
  • A program that uploads sensor data to Microsoft Azure, and then monitors it on Azure IoT Explorer's Telemetry
    • Send MCU temperature data to Azure Cloud at regular intervals
    • Monitor sensor data with Telemetry in Azure IoT Explorer
  • A variety of sample programs that can be utilized to develop IoT devices



PDF 574 KB Manual - Software
PDF 2.86 MB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 3.67 MB Application Note
PDF 156 KB 日本語 Tool News - Release
PDF 6.73 MB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 4.34 MB 日本語 Manual - Development Tools
PDF 931 KB 日本語 Flyer
PDF 164 KB 日本語 Tool News - Note
PDF 1.84 MB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 723 KB Quick Start Guide
PDF 3.24 MB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 448 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 525 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 338 KB Other
PDF 812 KB 日本語 , 简体中文 White Paper
PDF 2.71 MB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 77 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 660 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 467 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 149 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 530 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 768 KB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 367 KB Manual - Development Tools
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software Downloads

Type Date
ZIP 1 KB Board Description File
ZIP 570.25 MB 日本語 Upgrade - IDE
ZIP 1,616.95 MB 日本語 Upgrade - IDE
ZIP 1,264.29 MB 日本語 Upgrade - IDE
ZIP 22.40 MB 日本語 Upgrade - Compiler
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Sample Code

Sample Code

Title Type Date Date
ZIP 442.25 MB 日本語
Application: Industrial, IoT Applications, Power and Energy
Compiler: GNURX Function: Application Example, Communication Interface, Driver or Library, Other peripherals IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
[Software=RX Driver Package|v1.34],[Toolchains=CC-RX|v3.04.00;GNURX|]
ZIP 265.17 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial, IoT Applications
Compiler: CC-RX, RenesasGCC Function: Application Example IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
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Azure RTOS Tutorial (1/3) RX65N Cloud Kit: Development Environment Setup

This video shows you how to make Microsoft's Azure RTOS work on the RX65N Cloud Kit.
This is a tutorial on how to connect the RX65N Cloud Kit to the Azure IoT Hub and display the sensor data.
This video is the development environment setup section. It shows where to download and install the development environment used in this tutorial.

The tools shown in this video can be downloaded from the links below.

* Next video.

The application note shown in this video can be downloaded here: RX65N Group Visualization of Sensor Data using RX65N Cloud Kit and Azure RTOS Rev.1.00 (PDF | English, 日本語)