Security is an inherent risk when it comes to connected devices. In the Industrial IoT, incoming threats and system vulnerabilities can result in life-threatening or high-risk situations. Therefore, embedded applications in this area require very strong features for security and reliability.

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RX MCU Strongly Protects IoT Endpoints

Renesas RX MCU has security functions such as Crypto library for AES, 3DES, SHA, RSA, coprocessor driver, Trusted Secure IP, etc. They provide robust security to IoT endpoint.

A strong security solution including Trusted Secure IP is here

Renesas' abundant cryptographic library is here

IAR Secure Supply Chain Solutions with Renesas Trusted Secure IP

IAR Systems and SecureThingz's security development tools,

  • Embedded Trust,
  • C-Trust, and
  • Secure Desktop Provisioner

provide comprehensive and secure supply chain solutions.

Renesas Trusted Secure IP securely stores the most important security context* which is managed by the Secure Boot Manager (SBM).

This process prevents application code and malware from accessing assets in the security context, preventing tampering and compromise. In addition, device-specific identity settings prevent the contents of the device being manufactured from being cloned or forged.

* Security context:

  • Encryption keys and certificates
  • Secure boot configuration
  • Application update process and policies
  • Device memory layout
IAR Secure Supply Chain Solutions
  • Embedded Trust: This covers the entire life cycle, from the development stage to market deployment, and secure updates, etc.
  • C-Trust: This is used during software development. You can import security contexts and facilitate security development as part of the development flow.
  • Secure Desktop Provisioner: You can provision securely to the MCU with a secure appliance.

Security settings can be easily configured by selecting the checkboxes for each software application.

Follow this link for more details.