RL78/F14 microcontrollers are positioned as the upper-level product of the RL78 series, are available in a 30 to 100-pin, 48 to 256KB flash memory lineup and realize the industry's lowest level of consumption current. They have a built-in CAN module and LIN module for automotive interfaces and also support BLDC motor control using the RL78/F14's functional safety features, timer RD, comparator and D/A converter. Since a highly reliable system can be built, these microcontrollers can be used for industrial and automotive applications.


  • CPU: RL78 core, Max. 32MHz
  • Voltage: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Package: 32 to 48-pin HVQFN, 48 to 100-pin LFQFP, 30-pin LSSOP
  • Memory: SRAM Max. 20KB, Program Flash Max. 256KB
  • PWM: PWM Output x 20, 3-phase PWM Output Function
  • Analog function: 10-bit A/D Converter (ch) x 31, 8-bit D/A Converter (ch) x 1
  • On-chip Oscillator Freq. (MHz): 64M, 48M, 32M, 24M, 16M, 12M, 8M, 4M, 1M Low-speed Oscillator 15kHz
  • Others: PLL, RTC, Power-On Reset, Low Voltage Detection




  • Car Audio
  • Body
  • Chassis & Safety
  • HEV/EV
  • Motor Control


High Temperature: Ta = 150°C Support: To order an RL78/F14 MCU with Ta = -40 °C to 150 °C specification, please provide the order code and the application temperature mission profile for verification to Renesas Support.

Design & Development

Software & Tools

Crypto Library
A library for Renesas microcontroller that performs software processing is available.
*The driver for high-speed encryption processing by the hardware accelerator installed in RL78/F2x will be provided after concluding an NDA.

Type Function Target Devices Supported compiler
SHA hash function library SHA-256/384/512
Processing of initial value setting and addition of padding data in the library for easy use
RL78/Fx series CC-RL, IAR
RSA library Maximum key length 3072bits.
Signature generation/ verification method RSASSA-PKCS1-V1_5
Modulo exponentiation
RL78/Fx series CC-RL, IAR

Obtaining the product: We will provide the product to customers who will be adopting or plan to adopt a Renesas microcontroller. Please contact your Renesas sales representative or distributor.

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
E2 emulator [RTE0T00020KCE00000R]
On-chip debugging emulator. Also available as a flash memory programmer. [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RH850, R-Car D1, RL78, RX, RISC-V MCU]
Emulator Renesas
Data Flash Libraries
Libraries for the reprogramming of data flash memory, including EEPROM emulation libraries for the data areas of RL78-family products
Self Programming Library (Flash Library) Renesas
Code Flash Libraries (Flash Self Programming Libraries)
Libraries for the reprogramming of code area flash memory, including EEPROM emulation libraries for the code areas of 78K-family products
Self Programming Library (Flash Library) Renesas
AP4, Applilet
Peripheral I/O driver generator compatible with third-party compilers and GNU compiler (for RZ, V850, RX, RL78, and 78K)
Code Generator Renesas
Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)
Flash memory programming software [Support MCU/MPU and devices: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, RISC-V MCU Renesas Synergy, DA1459x, DA1469x, DA1470x, Power Management, Renesas USB Power Delivery Family, ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver, V850, 78K0R, 78K0]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78
IAR Embedded Workbench provides extensive support for RL78 devices. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete set of development tools with leading optimization technology for creating powerful automotive applications.
IDE and Coding Tool IAR Systems
Renesas IAR Embedded Workbench Device-Support-Packages
Renesas IAR Embedded Workbench Device-Support-Packages include all device-specific files to be used with the Embedded Workbench IDE.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
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Software Downloads

Type Title Date
Upgrade - IDE Log in to Download ZIP 7.85 MB 日本語
Upgrade - IDE Log in to Download ZIP 4.02 MB 日本語
Upgrade - Programmer Log in to Download ZIP 1.67 MB 日本語
Upgrade - OS Log in to Download ZIP 2.47 MB 日本語
Upgrade - OS Log in to Download ZIP 2.54 MB 日本語
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